Friday, June 21, 2024
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Skirmish on Sorgan

SORGAN – OUTER RIM – A band of Klatooinian spice pirates have been defeated by locals in the Outer Rim on the Krill farming planet of Sorgan. Known for the production of Spotchka, which is the envy of the sector, Sorgan is a heavily forested and moist planet with thousands of krill farming villages. Their combined harvest brings in millions in credits to the natives.

The band of spice pirates has been reported to have been a problem since the fall of the Empire, with the thugs frequently raiding the surrounding villages to plunder the local supply of Spotchka and, in part, the local credits supply from planetary sales. The pirates are said to have met their defeat at the hands of a single village with the aid of a veteran of the Rebellion against the Empire.

New Republic Sector Officer Captain Carson Teva said on the matter, “Pirate activity has been increasing in the Outer Rim and the New Republic is increasing patrols to combat the criminals”.

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