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Kabal Riots Quelled by Separatists; 4 Jedi Among the Dead

SHORIBUS, KABAL – The deadly riots that have filled the streets of Shoribus were quelled earlier this week when freighters from Separatist worlds arrived at Kabal and airdropped food parcels to the hungry populace.
Damage and casualty figures from the month-long rioting have yet to be tallied, though the Jedi envoy dispatched to Kabal has been confirmed among the dead. Graphic holos depicting the bodies of Jedi Knights Plessus Ghon, Ixian Rovieda, Nygreena Clo, and Padawan Renxis Dielle have been confirmed as authentic by the Jedi Council.

The five mid-sized transport ships hovered aloft on repulsorlifts over the city for over an hour, distributing their cargo along carefully delineated flight paths. The transports’ markings indicated Sluis Van as their port of origin.

As the freighters traversed the airspace over Shoribus, their hull-mounted loudhailers voiced anti-Republic propaganda in both Basic and Kabalian. “This salvation comes to you from Count Dooku. He will help you where the Republic has failed,” was one of the messages broadcast.

The riots in Kabal started after two months of going without food shipments. Increased Republic taxation of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor made the route cost-prohibitive for Trade Federation food delivery. The Kabal central government attempted to regain control, declaring martial law on Shoribus, but the riots continued. The Kabal Central Citadel sustained firebombing damage, and the Kabalian leader, Premiere Jan Dovu is believed among the dead.

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