Friday, June 21, 2024
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Senate Speeder Thief Arrested

USCRU DISTRICT, CORUSCANT – Senator Simon Greyshade sure didn’t bet on this happening. Thanks to a hyper-accurate tracking device built into the vehicle of speeder-enthusiast Senator Greyshade (Vorzyd), the one-of-a-kind custom flying machine was recovered within 30 minutes of being stolen from a Senatorial Quarters parkway.

“That speeder is one of my most prized possessions,” said a visibly shaken Greyshade. “It took my mechanics years to perfect it. It’s a gonzo color. I won’t rest until I’ve destroyed the life of the sleemo who took it.”

Though the day’s earlier events brought extra security to the Senatorial residential tower, staff became distracted by a wayward traffic droid who smashed a window on one of the building’s upper floors. Holocams detected a young human male leaping in to the vehicle and tearing away recklessly. Security devices alerted authorities who quickly located the empty speeder parked carefully over 100 kilometers away on Vos Gesal Street.

“A somewhat disoriented youth came out of the nearby Snapping Septoid entertainment facility,” said investigating officer Wets Tranoj. “When he saw us looking at the speeder, he began shouting and pushed us away.”

Officials learned the man, Reymet Autem, was the 20-year-old son of Senator Greyshade’s designated senate security guard, Sagoro Autem. Reymet was placed in custody after admitting to visiting his father at Greyshade’s residence earlier that evening.

“I never fully trusted that kid,” stated Greyshade. “He was always protective and envious of my speeder.”

In another strange twist, the speeder briefly went missing a second time while security forces processed Autem’s arrest. It was quickly located back in its designated parkslot at Greyshade’s complex. “With high-profile cases involving politicians, rookies can get nervous,” explained Tranoj. “Someone obviously got over-anxious and returned the vehicle without filing documentation.”

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