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Palpatine Confident in Negotiations

Supreme Chancellor’s Address Full of Optimism

GALACTIC CITY, CORUSCANT – In last night’s Address to the Republic, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine expressed renewed confidence in a peaceful solution to the Separatist crisis and commitment to negotiation efforts, though his statements reflected an acceptance of a likely yes vote in today’s election.

“Regardless of the outcome of the Military Creation Act Vote, the primary path that this administration will adhere to is one of civility and intelligent discourse,” said Palpatine. “If the constituents decide that a Grand Army of the Republic is indeed essential to the safety of our citizenry, we will erect a formidable force to assist our Jedi in maintaining the peace, not in starting a war.”

“I assure the families of the Republic that hostilities will only be engaged in retaliation or in the protection of Republic soil, or in response to brazen acts of warfare brought on by the Separatists. It is not this office’s desire to incite war,” the Chancellor reiterated.

“On election day, we will demonstrate the strength of democracy as thousands of delegates make their voices heard in the Senate. It is this cherished freedom we must protect, at all costs. The days and months ahead call for clear, rational thinking. It is only as a last resort that arms will replace words as the means of settling this dispute,” he said in conclusion. A full transcript of his address is available on official government channels.

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