Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Antitrust Suits Dropped in Light of Separation

EXPANSION REGION NODE – The Judicial Department has cleared over 2,000 pending antitrust suits against the Commerce Guild following the secession of several Mid and Outer Rim sectors that no longer have any coverage by Republic laws.

The suits, some of which have been on the backlogs for over six years, contend that the Commerce Guild has been bullying competitors in its lucrative commodities markets, sometimes even unleashing private droid armies to enforce guild membership.

“These small local companies are in for a shock now that they’re no longer protected by Republic laws and trade borders,” said Fourth Assistant Attorney General Kevzod Stenir. “Since Republic law holds no sway in their sectors, there’s nothing to stop the guilds and Federation from taking charge.”

As an example, Stenir cited the gas giant of Tyed Kant, whose private coalition of food growers had long opposed Commerce Guild membership in favor of managing their own affairs. “With the secession of its governing worlds, Tyed Kant was promptly invaded by the Commerce Guild and forced to sign a treaty,” said Stenir.

Commerce Guild President Shu Mai denied any orchestrated plans to take over private ventures in Separatist territories. “The Attorney General is being a tad dramatic in his recollection of the Tyed Kant investment. That was a move to ensure that such valuable food commodities stay within the trade-flow of the Republic and not fall into Separatist hands,” she said. “Understand that we are examining each market secession on a case by case basis. These losses are hitting us as hard as anyone, I assure you.”

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