Platt Okeefe

Name – Platt Okeefe
Type – Smuggler
Species – Human
Homeworld – Brentaal
Gender – Female
Weight – 70 kg
Height – 1.8 m
Age – 65
Move – 10

blaster 6D+ 1
dodge 5D
running 50+1

alien species 4D+1
languages 4D
languages: Sullustan 6D
planetary systems 8D
streetwise 6D

Astrogation 5D
sensors 4D+2
space transports 6D+2
starship gunnery 5D

bargain 5D
con 4D
sneak 4D+2

Brawling 5D
climbing/jumping 4D+2
stamina 4D

Space transport repair 5D+2
starship weapon repair 4D

Force Points: 5
Character Points: 12

Equipment: Comlink. data pad, heavy blaster pistol (5D).
the Last Chance (modified Yf·1300 freighter).

Platt Okeefe considers herself a legendary entrepreneur (or smuggler) who has been causing trouble for the Empire, running legal and not so legal cargoes, and getting into trouble throughout the galaxy for several years.

Platt always loved space travel, even as a child. When she was growing up on Brentaal, she used to spend her afternoons at the starport, watching the freighters land and take off. On her twelfth birthday, she ran away and signed on as a cabin steward aboard a Sullustan starliner.

She later joined a tramp freighter crew plyingthe Anarid Cluster, and has since gone through different ships like clothing goes through styles. During her extensive travels, she has recorded everything she could about the spacefaring life, and cultivated a network of contacts so her information on systems and starports is accurate.

The two most remarkable features about Platt are her hair and her clothes. Her hair is a silvery white cascade streaming down her back – it’s often tied with a silver and red striped sash. She typically dresses in a white blouse with bright red pants, boots and vest. Her heavy blaster is always at her side.Sheenjoys stunning unsuspecting spacer jocks with her girlish smile. Platt is an easygoing smuggler who wants to make her fortune among the stars. She has a great concern for her fellow smugglers, and will offer to help them whenever- it won’t jeopardize her own affairs.

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