Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Moe’s Bomb Identified

NEW ESCROW, AARGAU – Malastarian investigators have identified Baktoid Armor Workshop components in the remains of the bomb that killed Senator Aks Moe last week. The team of 15 experts and their droids has found a set of Baktoid T-44 power-shunts responsible for the catastrophic overload that destroyed the Senator’s speeder.

“Unfortunately, these components are available to nearly anyone employed in the droid manufacturing industry,” said team leader Yeesre Mee. “It could still be anybody behind this.”

Popular opinion holds that the Separatist movement is behind the blast, though no statements have been issued from Count Dooku or his followers’ camps.

Sources tell HoloNet News that the bomb also included an exotic protein-based triggering mechanism that targeted Moe specifically through DNA identification. These same sources state that the Malastarian investigators are at a complete loss to explain this mechanism’s origins.

“We are not at liberty to comment [about that] for issues of security,” said Mee.

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