Thursday, July 25, 2024
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GSBI Officer Warns of Conspiracy

GALACTIC CITY, CORUSCANT – “Someone in the Republic government is going to great lengths to hide something,” alleged Senior Senate Bureau of Intelligence official Vyn Narcassan in a regular media briefing.

During increased surveillance of anti-Republic factions, Narcassan claims to have uncovered a communications channel that directly bypassed “even the most highly classified detection procedures.” The decorated SBI officer asserts that the connected remote node self-destructed at the first sign of a trace, destroying any evidence of the unauthorized conduit.

When asked how unusual such a find may be, Narcassan replied, “Not even the Supreme Chancellor could order a line that silent. Someone on Coruscant has something to hide, not your day-to-day bribery and adultery.”

While the Chancellor’s office characterized the find as “gravely disturbing, if true,” Senator Ronet Coorr (Iseno) remained highly skeptical. “Is Narcassan deliberately trying to end his Intelligence career? He’s chasing a phantom.”

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