Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Abrion Sector Secedes; Separatists Get Agri-Worlds

SASHASA, UKIO – In an alarming development that pushes the Separatist movement closer to self-sufficiency, the agriculturally rich worlds of the Abrion sector have withdrawn from the Republic.

“The ag producers of the Abrion have lived for decades with few options and limited control of the goods we provide. Now, though, we’ve found appreciative markets without the restrictive bureaucracy of the Republic,” explained Senator Esu Rotsino (Abrion Major) as she tendered her Articles of Secession in today’s Senate session.

The bountiful Abrion sector is home to over 200 agri-worlds, including the planet Ukio, a world that provided a sizable percentage of the Core World’s food shipments last year.

“Many of the worlds that we service, our neighbors, have already seceded,” said Ukian Overliege Topas dosLa. “It is most prudent for us to continue serving them as best as possible. Furthermore, removed from the burden of Republic tariffs and bureaucracy, we will see a rise in efficiency and, eventually, profits for our farmers.”

In response, the Senate is debating approving emergency subsidy packages that would benefit the remaining Republic food producing sectors. “Without the breadbasket of the Republic, the Core Worlds would starve,” stressed Senator Lexi Dio (Uyter). “We need the galaxy’s heart to be strong and the grains of the Colonies and Rim Worlds to strengthen us.”

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