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Greyshade Proposes Gambling as Revenue

SENATE ROTUNDA, CORUSCANT – Senator Simon Greyshade (Vorzyd) drew criticism with his motion to collect Republic tax revenue through government-subsidized casinos in his sector.

“The casinos of Vorzyd generate billions of credits of profit, and right now, these monies are just being pocketed by private interests,” said Greyshade. “I should know; I own many of them. The business model works. I say, make it work for us.”

Greyshade’s bill would call for Republic capital investment in new casinos throughout his sectors in return for most of the profits made by the gambling establishments.

While the galactic leisure industry continues to suffer record losses in this period of instability, casinos are, on average, continuing to generate profits.

“The Republic’s uncertain future is cutting into what consumers would consider frivolous spending — things like trips and vacations at resorts,” says Tanda Marelle, senior correspondent for Galactic Resorts newsnet. “Conversely, they don’t have faith in the economy and don’t see much to lose spending at a casino. Why put your money in a bank that might not be part of the Republic tomorrow?”

“The Republic was not built on scavenging from vice. This will hurt our people, not help them,” argued Senator Bail Organa (Alderaan). “The Senator from Vorzyd is offering a social blight disguised as a panacea.”

“The Senator from Alderaan is offering double standard in return,” countered Greyshade. “If I recall, I believe his world’s government taxes exports of Alderaanian brandy and wine and t’bac products grown on his planet’s grasslands. Alderaan believes its citizenry is responsible enough to handle those products. I believe my citizenry to be just as responsible.”

Senator Greyshade noted that some of his casino profits go to gambling addiction relief programs, which he assured would continue should the government back gambling in his sector.

“I am all for it,” said Senator Orn Free Taa (Ryloth). “We can’t mollycoddle our people from making their own decisions. People can choose to gamble or not. The way I see it, it’s a voluntary tax for the stupid.”

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