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Carida Backs Military Creation Act

SPINARA PLATEAU, CARIDA – Caridan government representatives have joined the Military Creation Act campaigning, offering their renowned academic institutions for Republic use should an army be created.

“The Academy of Carida has produced some of the finest Planetary Security Forces in the Republic and was born of the last great military that flew the Republic banner,” said Ambassador Golfhan. “We aspire to continue that proud tradition and hone the skills of a Grand Army of the Republic, should the Military Creation Act come to pass.”

The Caridan Military Academy has stood, in one form or another, for centuries, first founded as a training ground for the Republic Army at the time. When the Republic military was phased out in favor of increased Jedi support, the institute was downsized and instead focused on training Planetary Security Forces and mercenary groups.

Carida is a world of varied topography, offering a broad spectrum of training grounds for military cadets. Its higher-than-standard gravity enhances the challenge of field maneuvers.

The Colonies world has donated several billion credits into the regional campaigning efforts for the Military Creation Act, a move that Ambassador Golfhan defines as “investing in the Republic’s future.”

“I think it’s a rather transparent bid. I ask if the Caridans have what’s best for the Republic in mind or what’s best for their Academy,” said Senator Padmé Amidala (Naboo), currently campaigning against the Military Creation Act in her native Chommel sector. “Unfortunately, the peace effort doesn’t have special interests as sizable funding our campaigns.”

“I applaud the loyalty of the Caridans,” said Republic Judicial Terrinald Screed, alumni of the Carida Academy. “With institutes such as the academies of Carida, Raithal, and Corulag, we will produce a proud military force capable of maintaining order within the Republic and quelling those treasonous elements that would split our union.”

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