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Gotal Guerillas Hijack Commuter Hopper, Take Hostages

SKREEKA, ATZERRI – Gotal guerillas hijacked an atmospheric commuter hopper with 25 passengers aboard, including Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz, all to convince their neighboring homeworld of Antar 4 to secede.
The guerillas, the Roshu Sune, are a militant splinter branch of the Gotal Assembly for Separation. The same radicals sparked the bloody Battle of Antar 4 during New Year’s Fete Week.

In that conflict, hundreds of Gotals fled Antar 4 to neighboring Atzerri. The lax security at the Skreeka and Talos ports allowed Roshu Sune criminals to hide in the busy trader’s world.

Reports from Antar 4 indicate that Nirrelz was on Atzerri on a diplomatic mission to secure bacta shipments from local suppliers. Upon his arrival at Skreeka port, Nirrelz was shadowed by Roshu Sune agents. Nirrelz then boarded a commuter hopper for Talos, which was hijacked by five Gotals and redirected to outlying swamps, where the Roshu Sune are believed to have a temporary base.

As of yet, the guerillas have transmitted no demands other than a pre-prepared Articles of Secession statement. The Roshu Sune asks the Gotal government to sign the information in exchange for Nirrelz and the hostages.

Compounding the difficulty of the situation is Antar 4’s minimal government, which does not have an appointed leader who could speak for the entire world in this situation, nor does it have an organized security force to respond to the hostage situation.

The Jedi Council is dispatching a task force led by Sarrissa Jeng to negotiate with the guerillas, despite Gotal requests to stay away from Atzerri. The Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune refuses to cooperate with the Jedi, and wishes to resolve the situation independently.

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