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Mid Rim Worlds Open Ports to Refugees
Naboo, Monastery, Cerea, and Kalarba Ease Immigration Restrictions

THEED, NABOO – The displaced citizenry of the Separatist crisis has newfound options today as a coalition of 10 worlds in the Mid Rim have loosened immigration restrictions to allow refugee resettlement.

Queen Jamillia of Naboo announces the
Refugee Resettlement Coalition initiative.

“Our world is generous with uninhabited lands that we are willing to share in this time of upheaval,” said Queen Jamillia, elected sovereign of Naboo. “Together, the Naboo and the Gungans will open Naboo’s plentiful spaces as a new home for those in need.” To that end, Naboo has designated several slips in their ports of Theed, Oxon, and Kwilaan as refugee arrival stations, even at the expense of moving commercial mining ventures to limited service ports.

The Refugee Resettlement Coalition (see below) was set up a month ago, under the direction of the Refugee Relief Movement, to discuss possible options for relocating displaced citizenry. What began as a coalition of 25 worlds was reduced to 10 as strategies for increased immigration were debated.

The bare minimum requirement for ingress to the worlds of the Coalition is proof of citizenship from a seceded world. Specific planets may have cultural, environmental, or biological conditions of prospective immigrants, and travelers are advised to consult with the Bureau of Ships and Services for the latest planetary updates.

Naboo and Cerea, for instance, will not allow the import of heavy machinery or vehicles, instead opting only to take in people. The ringed world of Monastery requires all citizenry to convert to the Order of the Sacred Circle and confiscates any weaponry brought into the system.

“We applaud the spirit of openness that this coalition embodies. As other worlds turn their back on the problem, these planets have instead embraced the people of the Republic with open arms,” said Refugee Relief Movement spokesbeing Kaysil Verwood.

A New Hope for Refugees

The following worlds of the Mid-Rim have loosened immigration restrictions to allow the resettlement of refugees. Their current populations, drawn from official census records, are also listed.

1. Naboo625 million
2. Monastary35 million
3. Kalarba750 million
4. Cerea450 million
5. Sneeve1.1 billion
6. Bimmisaari20 million
7. Durkteel3.2 billion
8. Ord Tessebok2.5 billion
9. Garos IV22 million
10. Ord Varee3.1 billion

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