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Port Crowding Increases Virus Risks

EASTPORT, CORUSCANT – With the co-meddling of hundreds of different cultures in confined spaces such as freighters and immigration processing stations, Coruscant Health Officials are warning travelers of the increased risk of airborne viral contamination.

“The influx of so many different species into Coruscant has created a high-risk situation,” said CHO Medxec Harribore Onuta. “We caution everyone to update their immunity programs before interstellar travel or even visiting of transit stations.”

The advisory starts a new program of public service announcements and awareness campaigns by the Health Office, sparked by the recent outbreak of Brainworm Rot Type A in the Manarai Heights district. Anomids and Wol Cabasshites in particular have been hit hardest with the pathogen, which officials have managed to contain.

Starport staff have taken care to segregate Neimoidian travelers in separate quarantine chambers prior to admission to immigration processing stations. The Neimoidian biology is a known carrier of the Brainworm Rot virus.

Neimoidians, including Senate representative Lott Dod, have been vocally critical of the move, accusing the Republic government of inequitable treatment. “This is an outrage. It is just another move by the Republic to ostracize and blame our people for what is ultimately their doing,” said the convalescing Senator from his Fobosi MedCenter recuperative ward.

What is Brainworm Rot Type A?

An airborne virus that afflicts humanoids and cephalopoids with high levels of dialogen in their bloodstream.

How is it passed?
It resides in the lungs of oxygen-breathers and is passed by inhalation.

How does one prevent it?
While the use of breath masks hinders transmission, inoculation is still the best method of prevention.

What are the symptoms?
Nausea, cold sweats
Inability to process written instructions
Syntax errors in spoken and written communication
Isolated purpling of gills and blowholes

Is it fatal?
If gone untreated, yes. Brainworm Rot has proven especially fatal among Wol Cabbashites.

What is the cure?
It can be treated if caught early, through an immunization protocol built around antigen clyrossa-themin in bacta suspension.

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