Friday, June 21, 2024
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Quest for Quasar Fans Don’t Like Ottekvar

BALDERDASH, ADARLON – Although the entertainment industry is abuzz with the casting choice of Harlan Ottekvar for the role of Lord Baltharog in Myris Pictures’ big-budget Quest for Quasar adaptation, a small but vocal undercurrent of devoted fans have taken to the HoloNet to criticize the decision.

“According to the original sourcebook, Baltharog is 1.89 meters tall. Ottekvar is only 1.84 meters, maybe 1.86 in boots. Do they expect us to overlook this?” said Groz “QuasarKing327” Niclari on his public HoloNet infocache. Niclari hosts the largest fan-run Quasar infocache, and has collected nearly 1.5 million signatures in his online petition to have Ottekvar replaced. The height discrepancy is only one contentious issue (though some fans are quick to point out that the 1.89 meters came from a spin-off source, and thus is not canon). “Ottekvar is just too famous. Whenever I see his face, I think SuperKnight: The Awakening, or Webb Tenger: PeaceBuster, not Baltharog.” Ottekvar himself is unphased by the outcry. “C’mon guys. It’s only a holo,” he said.

Quest for Quasar, directed by Mryis’ proprietary HoloMaker 4.0, opens next summer.

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