Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Droid Rights Activists Decry Brilliant Missiles

MID RIM NODE – The Coalition of Automaton Rights Activists has issued a decree criticizing Arakyd Industries for their latest model of Vindicator XM-15 “brilliant” missiles, saying that the central processor is so advanced as to be considered sentient. “This is far beyond a mindless battle droid,” read the statement. “These are thinking, feeling sapient entities doomed to an explosive demise, which is nothing short of an abomination.” The Coalition’s approach is considerably more restrained than similar sentiments expressed by the more radical Mechanical Liberation Front, who attempted to “free” a shipment of Vindicator XM-15s and ended up destroying a 25-kilometer radius of Havridam City on New Bakstre last month, killing all 14 activists.

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