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Senator Tikkes Jumps Bail

CORAL CITY, MON CALAMARI – Quarren authorities are on the alert following a daring escape by Senator Tikkes (Mon Calamari) from house arrest. Tikkes was one of four Senators implicated in an Outer Rim slave ring scandal last week.

“Let not his activities color perceptions of innocence or guilt in his pending trial. Of fleeing Coruscant, though, our cousin is unmistakably guilty, and the Quarren government of Mon Calamari will assist the Republic by whatever means necessary,” said acting Senator Tundra Dowmeia.

Reports from the Mon Calamari embassy on Coruscant indicate that Tikkes sneaked off the compound disguised as a simple courier and was able to activate his private vessel with a beckon call. By the time local security found his study and quarters empty, Tikkes’ vessel, the Krakana Current, was already off-world.

“How is it security failed to notice their number one responsibility had left the premises? Who exactly failed to deactivate the diplomatic tags of Tikkes’ vessel? Is this conspiracy or incompetence squared?” asked Senator Orn Free Taa (Ryloth). “Tikkes’ actions are trial enough. Only the guilty flee.”

“Will the Senator from Ryloth cease jumping to conclusions and think through the situation for once,” said Senator Edcel Bar Gane (Roona). “After the death of Senator Moe, perhaps Tikkes feared for his life on Coruscant and sought safer ground.”

The other four Senators are still accounted for, though security at their respective embassies has been increased to discourage similar escape attempts. Senators Ritsomas (Till Chorios), Ledwellow (Er’kit), and Wojaine (Pydyr) await arraignment later this week.

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