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Young Jedi Adventures – S01E18 – “The Great Leaf Glide” / “The Harvest Feast”

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“The Great Leaf Glide”

The flying lesson
Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, Nubs, and their fellow Jedi Initiates visit the planet Kondoraan, known for its giant Broadleaf trees that tower over the Tenoo trees. Upon landing on a floating platform, they are greeted by a Nautolan man sky-skimming aboard his board. Jedi Master Zia Zaldor Zanna explains that the people of Kondoran use giant leaves to travel around, and learning about different cultures is a part of becoming a Jedi, which is today’s lesson. Solay and Nubs express excitement.

After the Nautolan lands, Zia introduces their guide, Rix Tegano, who welcomes the Jedi younglings. He explains that repulsors power sky-skimming boards and that their sails are made from the leaves of giant broadleaf trees. The younglings are eager to try the boards, but Tegano says he must first introduce them to the basics. After issuing each of the younglings with boards, he gets them to practice the “eagle” and “cloud” positions. Brightstar is impatient and wants to start sky-skimming.

Tegano reminds the younglings to use the sails and work with the wind to fly the sky-skimming boards, emphasizing the importance of patience. Several fish-like creatures known as chiffons also fly near the platform. Tegano explains that the chiffons visit the platform yearly and rely on the wind to fly. He also mentions that some people get to fly them. When a dark-skinned human female youngling asks when they will get to fly for real, Tegano tells them to get ready for their first flight exercise.

Blown off course
As the young ones hop on their sky-skimming boards, Tegano reminds them to ride with the wind. Brightstar and his friends glide through the crowds. Brightstar and Solay are enjoying their first flight, while Nubs is a little apprehensive. Solay and Brightstar follow a few chiffons and persuade a hesitant Nubs to join them. However, they find themselves flying against the wind, which damages the “wings” on their boards. The three young ones land safely in the desert, but their “wings” are torn, leaving them unable to fly back to the floating platform.

Nubs suggests finding new leaves, but Brightstar sees no leaves in the desert. After spotting a flock of chiffons, Solay thinks they should follow the fish-like creatures to find their way back to the platform. Brightstar and Nubs agree. After folding their sky-skimming boards’ wings, they skate across the desert. Near dusk, the exhausted young ones reach the edge of a crater. On the other side, they find the platform atop a giant broadleaf tree.

Trial by error
In the Poobian language, Nubs asks how they will cross the crater. Solay suggests that the slope is too steep to climb down, and they will only reach the tree after sunset. After three passing chiffons generate gusts of wind, Solay proposes riding the chiffons over the crate and up the platform. Brightstar and Nubs agree. The three younglings jump on a second flight of chiffons. Although Solay manages to calm her steed, Brightstar and Nubs struggle to control theirs initially. However, they eventually gain control of the chiffons but find that the wind is taking them in the wrong direction.

The panicking chiffons drop the younglings at the bottom of the crater. Brightstar and Solay realize they are trapped as the crater’s walls are too steep. Brightstar remembers Tegano’s advice to “work with the wind.” Solay suggests they should have followed the wind to return to the platform. Brightstar agrees and says that they have been doing it the wrong way. Since the boards’ wings are broken, Brightstar suggests using their Jedi cloaks.

Flight home
Brightstar used the Force to levitate three skimming boards gently down into the crater. He then used his cloak to replace the torn patch on his skimming board. He decided to work with the wind and let the currents carry him. Brightstar flew with several chiffons and encouraged the younglings to patch up the wings of their skimming boards. Following his lead, the three younglings managed to fly back to the platform, rejoining Master Zanna and the other younglings.

Master Zanna was relieved but asked the three younglings what they did with their capes. Brightstar replied that it was a long story. When Mr Tegano arrived, Brightstar apologized for not listening to his lesson about following the wind. He admitted that once they remembered his lesson, coming back was easy. Tegano was pleased they had learned their lesson and told them they had learned enough about patience for one day. He then invited the younglings for dinner. Above them, a flight of chiffons circled the platform.

“The Harvest Feast”

Harvesting gomgourds
Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are harvesting giant green vegetables called gomgourds. Nubs jokes that he can eat one while Solay and Brightstar struggle with carrying one. The Jedi initiates loading the gomgourds onto hoversleds. Tey, a human farmer, thanks them for their help and explains that the gomgourds will be used for Dunkutu Day, a Thanksgiving holiday on the planet Omaka. Tey’s daughter, Fiorna, explains more about the holiday.

Solay expresses gratitude that Master Zia Zaldor Zanna sent them to learn more about Dunkutu Day by helping the farmers. Tey invites the younglings to a big feast in town that night. When Brightstar suggests using droids to help with preparations, Tey explains that Omakans prefer to do things by hand as it is a tradition. Fiorna agrees that traditions make the holiday special and should remain the same. Brightstar agrees to follow tradition, and the younglings help Tey and Fiorna load the gomgourds.

The malfunctioning droids
In Omakan, Solay and Nubs are excited about the upcoming feast. Fiorna tells them to save space for her family’s famous gomgourd pie. Tey adds that he makes gomgourd pies every Dunkutu Day, another tradition. Suddenly, three loadlifter droids enter the town, pulling a wagon full of gomgourds. Nubs quickly pulls Fiorna out of the way to avoid any danger. Solay and the younglings think the droids have gone out of control, causing chaos in the town. They knock over a fruit stand, and Brightstar tries to gain control of the droids by jumping on top of the wagon, but it doesn’t work. The gomgourds fall out of the wagon and roll towards the town square where the festival will be held.

One of the gomgourds hits a stall roof, causing the fruit inside to spill over a vendor. Brightstar lands on another fruit, but his friends catch it before it causes any more mess. Tey is happy that the younglings are safe but upset that Fiorna’s grandfather, Roog, has ruined things again. Fiorna explains that Roog is a farmer who creates machines using old farm equipment. Solay suggests telling Roog that his droids malfunction when he arrives at the feast.

Fiorina tells them that Roog won’t be coming to the feast because he had a big fight with her father, Tey, on the last Dunkutu Day. Her grandpa went to live alone with his droids, and now her grandpa and dad are not talking. Fiorna says she will miss her grandpa. Solay and her friends plan to return the last remaining gomgourd to Roog and invite Fiorna to come along. Unfortunately, Fiorna is busy helping her father set up for the feast. Solay offers to convince her grandfather to come to the feast. Fiorna is pleased, and Brightstar says they want her to have the best Dunkutu Day ever.

Visiting Grandpa Roog
The three Jedi younglings visit Grandpa Roog’s farm, where he is supervising his loadlifter droids for the upcoming gomgourd feast. At first, Roog is hostile to the younglings, claiming that only droids are allowed on his farm. However, Solay informs him that Fiorna sent them. Brightstar presents the gomgourd they managed to retrieve, which pleases Roog. He orders his droids, AG-1 and AG-2, to go to town and collect more gomgourds for the feast and tells them to clean up the younglings’ mess. Roog also commands AG-3 to unload the younglings’ gomgourd. The droids are visibly worn out and show signs of short-circuiting.

AG-3 struggles to lift the gomgourd and falls over, prompting the younglings to express concern about the droids’ well-being. Roog takes pride in his craftsmanship and insists he knows his droids. He orders the younglings to leave, but Solay invites him to the Dunkutu Day feast in town, which he declines. Brightstar tries to convince Roog that his family cares for him, but he disagrees. Nubs says something in Poobian, and just then, AG-3 drops the gomgourd, which rolls down a cliff. The younglings rescue the droid as it begins to short-circuit, and Roog switches it off.

Roog concedes that something is wrong with his droids and admits they have been glitchy since he gave them extra work. He explains that they have to do their farming duties and prepare for his Dunkutu Day feast. Roog promises to prove to his son Tey that he can celebrate the holiday alone. Brightstar suggests he should be with his family, but Roog reveals that he built the droids by himself because he could not harvest the gomgourds. Tey got upset over the Omakan tradition of harvesting by hand and forbade Roog from using the droids, leading to an argument that caused Tey to storm off.

Solay invites Roog to return to town with them so they can explain everything to Tey, but before Roog can respond, Fiorna contacts them via Comlink, informing them that Roog’s droids are breaking things and ruining the feast. Fiorna calls for help, and Roog agrees to come with the younglings.

Stopping the droids
They discovered that AG-1 and AG-2 were causing chaos and destroying things as they arrived in town. Suddenly, an astromech droid, frightened by the situation, crashed into a pile of gomgourds, causing them to explode. Tey, who recognized his father in the chaos, asked him why he was there. Roog explained that he was there to help and that the two droids causing the chaos were his. Brightstar suggested they needed to shut them down and devised a plan. He and Nubs would distract the droids while Solay shut them down.

Putting their plan into action, Brightstar and Nubs threw a gomgourd at AG-1 to distract it, allowing Solay to turn off the droid. Meanwhile, AG-2 had jumped on top of a table where Fiorna was hiding. The droid stomped on several gomgourds, causing the table to break under its weight. The younglings quickly used the Force to prevent the table fragments from hitting Fiorna and levitated it.

Roog then asked Tey for help in shutting down AG-2. Roog grabbed the droid’s torso with his cane while Tey flipped the droid’s power circuit. Finally, the two droids were shut down, and the town’s chaos ended.

Roog pulls Fiorna to safety and hugs his granddaughter. Fiorna expresses her gratitude towards her grandfather who advises her also to thank her father, Tey. Tey hugs his daughter but then begins to argue with Roog about the droids and their effectiveness. Roog reveals that he built the droids for Dunkutu Day. Tey accuses his father of not respecting their traditions, so Roog starts to argue back but decides to leave with his droids. Nubs pleads with him to stay while Solay explains to Tey that Roog built the droids because he cared about the Omakan traditions surrounding Dunkutu Day.

Brightstar intervenes and convinces Roog to tell Tey what he had shared with them earlier. Roog explains that he’s too old to harvest the gomgourds by hand but built the droids because he wanted to be part of Dunkutu Day. When Tey reminds him of the tradition, Roog regrets losing his temper because he is embarrassed that he is not as strong as he used to be. Roog further explains that he built the droids so that they could help him. Realizing his mistake, Tey apologizes for getting upset and not letting his father explain things. Roog, in turn, apologizes for his behavior and says he never wanted to spend Dunkutu Day away from his family.

Family over tradition
Fiorna greets her grandfather with a smile and a hug, and Tey does the same with his father. Tey invites his father to join the feast, but Fiorna worries that they won’t be able to have it in town because all of the gomgourds were destroyed. Brightstar suggests to the Omakans that they move the festival to Grandpa Roog’s farm, where they can feast. Solay thanks Brightstar for the idea, and during the feast, Tey realizes that family is more important than following traditional rules. He proposes that they repair the farm droids so that they can help with the harvest next year, and this could be their new tradition. Fiorna expresses her gratitude to the Jedi for their help. When Nubs finishes his plate, Tey reminds him to leave some for Roog.



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