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Zeilla Flower

Species: Zeilla Flower
Type: Flora
Location: Tenoo

Background: A Zeilla flower was a flower on the planet Tenoo. During the High Republic Era, a trio of Jedi younglings went to the forests of Tenoo in search of the Zeilla flower. One of them, Nubs, ultimately located the flower and picked it to be brought back to the Jedi Temple for study.

Zeilla flowers were shaggy, pink-and-purple flowers with yellow centers that grew on trees in the forests of Tenoo.

In 232 BBY, a Zeilla flower grew in the Jedi Temple on Tenoo. Around that time, the Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar, Nubs, and Lys Solay were on a mission on Tenoo to retrieve a Zeilla flower for studying at the Temple. Nubs located one growing on a tree and excitedly climbed up to pick it, but he had to be careful as a large bird was in the way, weighing down the branch.

Indeed, as Nubs crept toward the flower, the bird flew off the tree, releasing the weight and springing Nubs upward. He ultimately landed on a branch near the one with the flower, igniting his lightsaber to get it. The bird, however, was attracted to bright objects and thus grabbed Nubs by the head, not letting go until he switched off the lightsaber. He re-ignited it and flew on the bird’s back to the branch, slicing off the flower Solay caught from the air. She gave the Zeilla flower to Brightstar, who thanked Nubs.

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