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Young Jedi Adventures – S00E05 – Nash’s Firehawk Frenzy

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Nash Durango travels with Kai Brightstar, Nubs, and Lys Solay aboard the Crimson Firehawk after a successful mission to acquire a Jedi holocron. Durango expresses her excitement about the mission and how they recovered such a valuable Jedi artifact. Tubs agree with her, and Brightstar says he can’t wait to learn more about Jedi history from the holocron. Solay also agrees but reminds them that they must return it to Tenoo. She uses the Force to levitate the holocron.

Brightstar compliments Durango as the best pilot in the Outer Rim Territories. Durango humbly chuckles and credits RJ-83, her copilot droid. As they exit out of hyperspace in an asteroid field surrounding Tenoo, they are contacted via hologram by Taborr Val Dorn and his pirate gang, consisting of the droid EB-3 and Pord. Val Dorn demands the Jedi holocron, hoping to add it to his collection. Solay disagrees, but Val Dorn vows to take it for himself.

Durango attempts to lose the Iron Talon in the asteroid field, with Taborr in hot pursuit. RJ warns of the danger, but Durango reassures him they can get through this by working as a team. While Brightstar controls the cannons and Solay keeps an eye on the asteroids, Nubs is tasked with guarding the holocron. Durango takes the ship for a spin and dives behind Taborr’s ship.

EB-3 informs Taborr that the Firehawk is behind them. Taborr takes his ship for a spin and dives behind the Firehawk. With the Firehawk approaching two large asteroids, Durango gets Brightstar to blast a path through the asteroids. The Firehawk narrowly escapes being swallowed by a space slug. Durango manages to fly the ship through the creature’s jaws.

With Taborr still in pursuit, Durango leads the pirates through the asteroid field. While the Firehawk passes through safely, Taborr’s ship is struck by asteroid debris, causing it to spin out of control. Brightstar and Durango are jubilant, but the Firehawk hits some asteroid debris, causing the ship to spin out of control. Durango lands the Firehawk outside the Jedi Temple on Tenoo with incredible difficulty. After disembarking, RJ does a victory dance while the dizzy younglings walk down the walkway. Despite their initial worries, Nubs emerges with the holocron in good condition. The younglings compliment each other for their teamwork.



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