The Mandalorian Chapter 9: The Marshal

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The Mandalorian Art by Khang Le

Meeting with Koresh

The Mandalorian Din Djarin and The Child walk down a road in an industrial city to towards a smaller house. The Child sits in his repulsorlift cradle. Red eyes glow out of the darkness as they pass under lights that seem to dispel the creatures who watch them. Djarin knocks at the door and is greeted by a dark–skinned Twi’lek doorman, whom he asks to speak to Gor Koresh. The Twi’lek tells him to enjoy the fight before leading him into a makeshift arena where two Gamorreans fight with vibro-axes amidst the cheers of the crowd.

Djarin sits beside the Abyssin, who remarks that this no place for a child. The Mandalorian replies that the Child goes wherever he goes and that he has been “quested” to bring him to his kind. Djarin seeks Koresh’ help in finding other Mandalorians who might help in his mission bestowed to him by “The Armorer.” Koresh replies that it is uncouth to talk business and tells him to enjoy the entertainment. The Child squirms as one of the Gamorreans knocks his opponent to the ground. Koresh urges the Gamorrean to kill his opponent, but the latter dodges out of harm’s way.

When Koresh asks if the Mandalorian likes to gamble, Djarin says he prefers to avoid gambling. Koresh replies that he bets on the information that he seeks that one of the Gamorreans is going to die in the next minute and a half. In return for the information, Koresh suggests that Djarin trade his beskar armor. Din responds that he is willing to pay, but that he is not leaving his fate up to choice. Koresh replies neither is he before shooting one Gamorrean, causing the spectators to flee as Koresh’s associates come out with blasters aimed at Din.

Koresh mocks Djarin for saving him the task of hunting Mandalorians to harvest their beskar armor. He says that beskar’s value continues to rise and that he has profited from it. At gunpoint, Koresh demands that the Mandalorian surrender his armor or die. Giving Koresh one more chance to avoid hostilities, Djarin offers to spare his life if he tells him where he can find other Manalorians. When Koresh retorts that Djarin had earlier said he wasn’t a gambler, the Mandalorian replies that he is not before activating his whistling bird, which temporarily blinds Koresh’s thugs.

After Djarin pushes The Child away, he begins to fight with Koresh’s thugs. The surviving Gamorrean fighter lunges at the Mandalorian, but misses and crashes on a wooden bench. The dark Twi’lek and a Zabrak man grab Djarin but he manages to break free of them. An alien with black curly hair and another Zabrak join the fight but the Mandalorian kills them with a blade. With his associates incapacitated or killed, Koresh attempts to flee Djarin.

However, his attempt is short-lived as Din shoots a wire from his wrist to catch him in a snare. Djarin throws the wire over a pole, forcing Koresh to be hung by his feet. While hanging, Koresh pleads for mercy, offering to sell him the whereabouts of another Mandalorian in return for his life. Djarin responds that Koresh will not die by his hand before getting to business. Koresh tells Din about another Mandalorian that is rumored to live on Mos Pelgo on the planet Tatooine. Satisfied with the information, Din leaves Koresh hanging and begins to walk away with “The Child.” After getting away from the light pole, Mando shoots out the light as the red-eyed creatures begin to swarm towards Koresh. Koresh screams as the animals descend upon him, and Djarin and “The Child” leave.

Hangar 3-5

Din Djarin travels on the Razor Crest to Tatooine. As the ship descends into Tatooine’s atmosphere, it flies over several hills and a Tusken Raider riding on his bantha steed. Din lands the Razor Crest at Peli Motto’s hangar bay in Mos Eisley. Unlike his previous trip, Djarin allows the three DUM-series pit droids to service his ship, adding that the Crest needs a good “one-over.” Peli remarks that he likes droids now before allowing them to work on the Razor Crest. She remarks that a lot has changed since Din was last in Mos Eisley.

Peli is also delighted to see the Child, saying that she had been worrying about him, and quips that she wishes she could have more of the Child’s kind. As the pit droids tangle with a coil, Peli warns her droids to be careful since the Mandalorian distrusts droids and warns them not to give their kind a “bad name.” Djarin explains that he is here on business and needs her help. Peli offers to look after the Child while he goes adventuring. Din responds that he is on a quest to bring the Child back to his kind.

Peli replies that she cannot help because she has never before encountered the Child’s kind. Din explains that the Mandalorian “Armorer” has sent him to seek one of his own kind. If he can locate one of his he can chart a path through the network of coverts. Peli says that he is the only Mandalorian that she has seen in years. While the droids work on the Razor Crest, Djarin asks Motto about Mos Pelgo, a city lost to time and from all maps. Motto explains how after the Empire’s fall, the planet became a free-for-all in the power vacuum and the city was destroyed by bandits. After calling over her R5-series astromech droid R5-D4 to project a hologram of Tatooine, Motto shows where on the map it should be before the war; explaining that Mos Pelgo used to be an old mining settlement.

The Mandalorian Art by Ryan Church

Mos Pelgo

Djarin begins his journey towards the forgotten city of Mos Pelgo on a Zephyr-J speeder bike after Motto informs him that anyone would spot his ship from far away. Along the journey, he encounters Tusken Raiders and sits around a fire with them. Continuing his journey, Djarin travels through the rocky passes into a flat desert plain. Eventually, Djarin finds the city and slowly rides along the main drag of shacks until he spots the small town’s cantina. Djarin dismounts his speeder and leaves The Child in his side pack, heading into the small establishment. Looking around at the empty interior Djarin inquires with the Weequay bartender as The Child sneaks in the bar behind him. The bartender asks about a description for who he is looking for, and Djarin simply states that they would look like him. The Weequay tilts his head back in recognition and asks if he means “The Marshal.” Djarin turns to see The Marshal in the doorway, casting his shadow along the floor.

The man wears a set of Mandalorian armor [Previously worn by bounty hunter Boba Fett] does so callously, with chest plate and arm gauntlets standing out from normal undergarments. Djarin informs who he believes to be a Mandalorian that he’s been searching for him for many parsecs and is excited to talk to him. Ordering two snorts of spotchka, the Marshal proceeds to grab the drinks from the Weequay and sit down at a table, inviting Djarin to a drink. Djarin begins to move towards the table when the other removes his helmet. He then states that he’s never met a real Mandalorian, citing stories about their notorious ability to kill. He admits that he expects Djarin to be upset about him wearing the traditional armor of Mandalorians and announces that he believed a duel would ensue until he saw The Child. He then reveals his name to be Cobb Vanth, the protector and marshal of Mos Pelgo, upon Djarin’s request.

When Djarin asks how he got the armor, Vanth tells him that he bought it off some Jawas. Din demands that he hand over the armor. Vanth replies that he understands that Din calls the shots where he comes from but that he is the one who tells folks what to do around here. When Djarin demands that he take it off, Vanth asks if he is going to do it in front of the “kid.” Djarin replies that the Child has seen worse. The two men agree to settle their dispute within the cantina. Before the two men can fight, they hear rumbling outside.

Walking outside, they hear klaxons ringing. A pair of scurriers scurry away while a Bantha grunts. Several Mos Pelgo residents flee into their houses as a large monstrous shape swims under the sand, stirring up the ground beneath. The creature, a greater krayt dragon devours a Bantha that had been drinking water from a trough nearby. Vanth suggests that they can work something out. Meanwhile, the Child emerges from a pot. Following the departure of the monster, the residents begin repairing the damage. Vanth explains that the creature had been terrorizing the area long before Mos Pelgo was established.

Vanth explains that he has used this set of Mandalorian armor to protect the town from bandits and Sand People but that the krayt dragon is too much for him to take on alone. He offers to give the armor to Din in return for helping him kill the monster. Djarin accepts and proposes using the Razor Crest to blow the Krayt dragon out of the sky using the bantha as bait. Vanth warns this plan won’t work because the krayt dragon senses the vibrations created by starships and can hide underground. Vanth offers to lead Djarin to where the Krayt dragon lives, which he says is not far.

The Mandalorian Art by Christian Alzmann

Traveling with Cobb Vanth

The two travel to the krayt dragon’s lair, with Din riding his Zephyr-J speeder bike and Vanth riding a contraption made from a modified podracer engine. While riding through the dunes, Vanth explains that Mos Pelgo was on its “last legs” shortly after they got news about the second Death Star’s destruction. While residents had cheered the Battle of Endor and the withdrawal of Imperial forces from Tatooine, their celebration was short-lived because the Mining Collective took advantage of the power vacuum to invade Mos Pelgo and turn it into a slave camp overnight. That night, Vanth had managed to escape with a camtono carrying silicax crystals.

Vanth explained that he had wandered for days with no food and water when he encountered a Jawa sandcrawler. The Jawas saved his life in return for the camtono of silicate crystals. In addition to the full waterskin, Vanth used the crystals to obtain a suit of Mandalorian armor. Armed with the armor and ammunition, he expelled the Mining Collective from Mos Pelgo, using the rocket in his jetpack to destroy the fleeing thugs and their landspeeder.

Din and Vanth travel through a canyon where they encounter a pack of massiffs. Din speaks to the beasts in Tusken, causing the beasts to act friendly towards them. As Din strokes a massiff, a group of Tusken Raiders approach. Using Tusken, Djarin communicates with the Tuskens. When Vanth asks what is going on, Din explains that they also want to kill the krayt dragon.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas and Doug Chiang

Forging an Alliance

Later that night, Din and Vanth sit by a campfire with the Tuskens. Din speaks with the Tuskens while the Child nervously watches a massiff. The Tusken chieftain offers Vanth a drink from a black melon. Vanth is reluctant but Din explains that it is wise not to offend their hosts since the Tuskens are upset with the settlers for stealing their water and not drinking it. The Tusken chieftain is aware that Vanth had killed several members of his clan during a raid on Mos Pelgo. Vanth and the Tusken chieftain argue but Din silences the argument by firing a flamethrower. He tells the Tusken chieftain and Vanth that if they fight among themselves, the monster will kill them. Din turns his attention to the attention of killing the krayt dragon.

The following day, Djarin, the Child, and Vanth accompany the Tusken Raiders on banthas to confront the krayt dragon. While Din, Vanth, the Child and the Tuskens watch from a cliff, a lone Tusken and his steed ride into a large cave, which one of the Tuskens explains is the home of the krayt dragon. Translating, Djarin explains that the krayt dragon lives in an abandoned sarlacc pit. Vanth says that he has lived on Tatooine his whole life and that there is no such thing as an abandoned sarlacc pit. Din disagrees, suggesting that the krayt dragon ate the sarlacc.

Peering below with his macrobinoculars, Djarin explains that the Tuskens are laying out a bantha to protect a settlement. Having studied its digestive cycle for generations, Din explains that the Tuskens feed the dragon to make it sleep longer. After tying the bantha to a stake, the Tusken Raider calls out to the krayt dragon before running away. The krayt dragon emerges and soon devours the Tusken Raider but leaving the bantha. As the Child scurries away in fear, the Tuskens react in horror. Djarin opines that the Tuskens may be open to some fresh ideas.

Later, the Tuskens discuss a plan using bones and rocks to show the krayt dragon and them. Studying the model, Vanth and Djarin realize the sheer enormity of the krayt dragon. The plan involves Vanth’s village. Later the two ride back on their speeders to Mos Pelgo. Vanth is unhappy about working with the Tusken clan, since they killed six of their miners less than a year ago. Vanth explains that he took down twice as many Tuskens. Din says that the town respects Vanth and will listen to reason. Vanth disagrees.

Convincing the Townsfolk

At Mos Pelgo, Cobb Vanth convenes a townhall meeting, introducing the Mandalorian Din Djarin to them. When the Weequay bartender remarks that he has heard the stories, Vanth adds “then you would know how good they are at killing”. Vanth explains that Djarin wants to claim his armor before talking about the krayt dragon’s raids on their farm animals and theft of their mining equipment. Vanth warns that the krayt dragon might turn its attention to sentient beings and the school. Vanth says that the Mandalorian is willing to help them slay the leviathan in exchange for returning the armor to its ancestral owners.

Vanth then explains that they can’t take on the krayt dragon alone but that the Sand People are willing to help. A villager denounces the Sand People as monsters who raid their mines. Vanth responds that the krayt dragon could devour their town. Djarin speaks up for the Tusken Raiders, saying that they are brutal but that they have survived for thousands of years in the Dune Sea. While they are raiders, Din says that the Tusken Raiders will keep their word. He explains that they have struck a deal with the Sand People. In return for leaving them the krayt dragon’s carcass and its ichor, the Sand People will stand by their side in battle and not attack this town unless one of the townsfolk breaks the peace.

The townsfolk agree and begin assembling explosives and munitions. Later, the Sand People arrive on bantha steeds and begin loading explosives onto their banthas. One of the villagers argues with a Tusken Raider after he drops a shell. Vanth calms the situation down, explaining that it was an accident. After loading weapons, Din and Vanth travel with the Tusken Raiders and townsfolk towards the cave of the krayt dragon.

The Mandalorian Art by Christian Alzmann

Confronting the Krayt Dragon

A lone Tusken approaches the cave while the Child watches from his cradle. The Tusken scout says that the krayt dragon is sleeping. After Vanth drinks a drink offered by the Tuskens, the townsfolk and the Tuskens get to work planting charges at the opening of the cave. The next stage of the plan involves provoking the krayt dragon into charging outside the cave. Once it has exited far enough, their plan is to set the detonators to explode. A girl named Jo hands Vanth the master detonator. He thanks her and tells her to stay safe.

The Tuskens and townsfolk form a horseshoe-shaped array of ballistae outside the cave. Three Tuskens then approach the cave and make war cries, which awaken the krayt dragon. They then flee the cave as the krayt dragon emerges, causing the ground to shake. The Tuskens fire their ballistae, which pierce the krayt dragon’s hide. However the beasts begins to withdraw into the cave. The townsfolk and Tuskens fire and hurl objects at the krayt dragon in an effort to lure it out. Using their ropes and ballistae, the Tuskens and settlers try to drag out the beast.

As it advances, the krayt dragon vomits on them. When the krayt dragon is over the explosives, Din instructs Vanth to ignite them, causing the krayt dragon to fall into the sand. As the settlers and Tusken approach the blast site, Din and Vanth agree that it is not yet dead. The krayt dragon re-emerges from the top of a hill, spewing vomit on the Tuskens and settlers. Din and Vanth ignite their jetpacks and fly up to confront the krayt dragon while the Child watches from its cradle.

Jetting to the top of the hill, the two men fire at the krayt dragon, causing it to retreat underground. The krayt dragon soon returns and emerges behind the attacking force. At the instigation of Din, Cobb Vanth distracts the krayt dragon by firing rockets at it. Djarin tells Vanth to look after the Child before hitting Vanth’s jetpack, causing him to fly away to the flanks. After activating the detonators on a bantha steed, Din holds on to the bantha’s reins as the krayt dragon swallows them both before disappearing underground.

Meanwhile, Vanth lands at the edge of the battle. While the Child, the settlers and Tuskens watch, the krayt dragon re-emerges. Din flies out of its mouth with his jetpack and detonates the explosives, killing the krayt dragon. The townsfolk and Tuskens cheer over the defeat of the krayt dragon.

The Mandalorian Art by Brian Matyas


Later, the Tuskens harvest the flesh of the krayt dragon. The Child eyes the meat while Din loads a block of meat onto his speeder bike. Djarin apologized to Vanth for not explaining his plan, but the Marshal understands. Honoring their agreement, Vanth hands the Mandalorian armor and jetpack to Djarin before telling him to tell his people that he did not damage the jetpack. A Tusken finds the krayt dragon pearl as the Tuskens cheer. Djarin rides away with the Child and the Mandalorian armor and jetpack. As he rides into the sunset, a scarred, bald man wearing robes and armed with a Gaderffii stick watches in the distance, before walking away.


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