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Greater Krayt Dragon

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Species: Greater Krayt Dragon
Type: Colossal Desert Predator
Planet of Origin: Tatooine


Hide: 7D

Special Abilities:
Acidic Bile Blast: The Greater Krayt Dragon can spray a blast of it’s acidic bile, which can dissolve targets.

Poison: Any creature that receives an Acidic Bile Blast takes 6D poison damage and must make a Very Difficult stamina roll or enter a state of panic. Note: converts to match scale of opponent up to starfighter scale: Character scale opponents receive no armor bonus unless suit is sealed.

Armor: The Greater Krayt Dragon’s thick hide provides it with a +2D bonus to Strength rolls made to resist damage.

Bite: A bite from a Greater Krayt Dragon inflicts Strength+2D+1 (Walker-scale) damage.

Camouflage: When hiding in the deep sands of Tatooine, the Greater Krayt Dragon receives a +6D bonus to Hide skill rolls.

Swallow Whole: A Greater Krayt Dragon can Swallow an ordinary sized opponent whole. If it makes a successful Melee attack, it can then make an opposed Strength Test to Swallow the target entirely. The target receives 3D Acid damage each round they are in the creatures stomach, but if they successfully wound the Greater Krayt Dragon, it irritates the creatures stomach enough that they are ejected immediately.

Tail Attack: When using its tail as a weapon, the Greater Krayt Dragon inflicts Strength+1D (Starfighter-scale) damage on a successful attack.

Walker Scale: Due to it’s massive size the Greater Krayt Dragon is considered Walker scale, making it easier to hit, but more resistant to damage.

Move: 14, 20 (burrowing sand)
Size: 140 meters long

Scale: Walker

Background: The Greater Krayt Dragon was the larger of the two species of Krayt Dragons, giant carnivorous reptiles found on Tatooine. They were characterized by their long neck, whip-like tail, horns, sharp teeth, and five pairs of legs. Like their smaller kin, Greater Krayt Dragons had valuable pearls within them, only these were very much larger as one was shown to be bigger than a Tusken Raider’s head.

Greater Krayt Dragons submerged themselves in the shifting sand dunes, and would emerge to consume their prey. The Greater Krayt Dragon was also capable of spitting a highly corrosive acid onto attackers. The dragon would also hibernate longer given sufficient sustenance to do so, and could allegedly sense the vibrations of a ship flying nearby.

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