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Species: Mimbanese
Homeworld: Mimban

Attribute Dice: 12D

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4 -1.6 meters

Special Abilities:
Low-light Vision: The large, unblinking eyes of the Mimbanese have biologically adapted to low-light conditions, making them well suited to subterranean life. In game terms, due to their low-light vision, Mimbanese characters may ignore 2D in darkness-based penalties for actions regarding objects or targets at distances of 30 meters or greater from their position, and they may ignore 3D in darkness-based penalties for actions related to objects or targets at distances of 30 meters or closer.

Stealth: The Mimbanese are said to have an “unsettling” ability to disappear in the muck and murk of Mimban, despite their bright red skin and traditional red garments. This is because the Mimbanese have become adept at adorning themselves with thatch camouflage over the many years of war, allowing them to hide in, and move unseen through, even sparse underbrush. In game terms, at creation Mimbanese characters who grow up in Mimban’s war-torn environs gain 2D for every 1D of starting skill dice allotted to their hide and sneak skills.

Tough Mudder: The Mimbanese are intimately familiar with mud fields, muck and mire. And their powerful limbs do not tire when pushing through the mud and clay of the battlefield. In game terms, Mimbanese characters may re-roll failed climbing/jumping and stamina checks when traversing yielding terrain such as mud fields, rainforests, and swamps — although they must accept the second result. In addition, when in muddy environs, the difficulty for survival rolls required of Mimbanese characters is reduced by one difficulty level.

Background: For most of Mimban’s history, the planet was ignored by neighboring worlds, as it was deemed “too uncivilized and wild” to colonise. That changed by the time of the Clone Wars. And as of the Imperial era, outside influence has recently prompted the harvesting of hyperbaride minerals though dangerous energy mining techniques. As a result, the Mimbanese people have seen their climate ruined, hectares of rain forest cleared, and seemingly endress stretches of thick mud spread across the planet.

Mimban has now been a site of conflict for many decades. Mining interests attracted by deep mineral deposits have long had to contend with natives who (understandably) object to any intrusive offworlder presence. The Empire has decreed that the mines continue operation nonetheless, and has sent military forces to “pacify” the planet.

One of several intelligent speices native to Mimban, but undoubtedly the most aggressive, the Mimbanese are fighting for the very future of their world. These intensely hostile subterreanean people climb from the muck to rally against the Imperial presence that has breached the surface of their planet.

The Mimbanese were supplied modern weaponry by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. They continue to use the old blasters and vibrobayonets, only retiring them when the weapons fall apart. And though the Mimbanese lack heavy artillery, they have improvised mines, tripwires, and catapults capable of taking out large vehicles.

And so these red-skinned subterranean dwellers who once fought alongside Republic clone troopers against the Separatists are now battling the Empire using every guerilla tactic they’ve learned. Hopefully, it will be enough to save their lives and their planet.

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