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The Clone Wars Chapter 6

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Count Dooku journeys to the planet Rattatak to observe the planet’s gladiatorial matches, in the hopes of finding a worthy successor to Jango Fett. Upon arrival, he is met by his henchman and escorted into “The Cauldron,” a large gladiatorial ring, and given a seat of honor.

Soon after Dooku sat down, the guide seated beside him is deftly replaced by a cloaked figure. Without turning, Dooku praises the stealthiness of the substitution, claiming his guide would be impressed if he had not just been killed. However, Dooku also states that he’s not looking for a spy.

With that, the figure bursts into the arena and easily takes out all of the gladiators (namely Blorga, Grunda Dolma, Nilo, L8-L9, Flalios, Jasper McKnives, Krutch, Anchor Blue, Swyy’m-Ee and Giant Flog), making deft use of Force Jump, Force speed and other powers. Dooku stands, applauding and complimenting her, and inquiring where she learned such capabilities. The figure replies that they came easily to her—since she is a Sith.



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