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Cauldron Wampa

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Species: Wampa
Planet of Origin: Hoth VI


Special Abilities:
Claws: STR+1 damage
Teeth: STR+2 damage
Camouflage: +3D to sneak in arctic climates, heat-diffusing body adding +2D to sneak versus sensors.
Howling: Wampa howls are a rudimentary form of communication that allows Wampas to coordinate attacks. These howls are virtually indistinguishable from the sound of Hoth’s winds.

Move: 13
Size: 3 Meters Tall
Orneriness: 3D

Background: This Wampa battled in the The Cauldron in 22 BBY. After killing all other gladiators, Asajj Ventress attempted to kill the beast, but before she could it was killed by the Giant Flog.

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