Monday, December 11, 2023

The Clone Wars Chapter 3

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As the ARC troopers disembark their crashed gunship, battle droid snipers open fire on them. The ARCs return fire with both blasters and missile launchers, and move down the streets of Harnaidan.

An Armored Assault Tank approaches, and easily eliminates four clones—a single ARC blows the main hatch, jumps in, destroys the droids within, lays explosives, jumps out, and detonates the tank.

The ARCs use a probe droid to locate the massive Banking Clan artillery piece which is their objective, and use grappling hooks to scale the top of it, eliminating the droid sentries along the way. They destroy the command tower using their missile launcher, lay explosives around the base of the cannon, and then inform Jedi General Kenobi that they have achieved their objective.



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