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Dragon Beast

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Type: Small Lizard
Planet of Origin: Yavin 13

Running 4D

Sneak 3D+1


Special Abilities:
Teeth: Do STR+2 damage.
Claws: Do STR+2 damage.

Move: 8
Size: 0.6-1 meter long

Backrgound: Dragon beasts, also known as Muunilinst lizards, were six-legged, four-eyed scavenging lizards dwelling in the impoverished sections of the cities of Muunilinst. They were small, nearly as large as a Human foot, red-orange in color, and feeding on the piles of garbage piled on every corner of the cities, like Pilaan. During the Battle of Muunilinst, Captain Fordo shot the ground in front of one in the city streets of Harnaidan to spook it off, sending it scrambling away in terror.

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