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Species: Irling
Type: Flying Insect
Planet of Origin: Ord Mantell

Dodge 3D+1
Flight 4D



Special Abilities:
Swarm: When in their madness state*, Irlings attack as a swarm for 3D+2 damage. They can attack multiple targets and cannot be blocked. Only by eluding or blinding the insects can anyone hope to survive an attack.
Nocturnal: Open flame and bright light scare them off and exposure to cold will kill them.
Eyesight: Because of the minuscule size of its prey and their four eye stalks, Irlings have exceptional eyesight and gain a +2D bonus on all Perception tasks involving sight.

Move: 30 (flying), 2 (crawling)
Size: 1 meters long

Background: Irlings were large non-sentient insects that lived on the planet Ord Mantell. Irlings formed hives of many individual and highly aggressive towards anything that entered their territory. They were nocturnal, thus preferring dark environments such as caverns and sensitive to thermal registers. Irlings would sleep through daylight until nightfall during which phase the insects were easily disturbed by nearby noises.

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