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The Acolyte – S01E04 – Day

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The Wookiee Jedi Kelnacca walks through the forests of Khofar to his shelter. Inside his shelter, Kelnacca chops meat and adds it with herbs into a stew pot. On the wall of the shelter lies three concentric circular symbols.

Parting as friends
At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Padawan Jecki Lon and several other Padawans train with sticks under the tutelage of the bearded Jedi Master Lakshay. Lakshay drills his students in the arts of combat, reminding them to maximize their defenses without the need to strike. Osha Aniseya watches from outside the class. As a clock chimes to mark the end of classtime, the master dismisses his class. Before leaving, Lakshay asks to see Daro and Rena’s opening stance before they leave.

Osha speaks with Lon, telling her that she has come to say goodbye and thanks her for helping her find her sister Mae-ho Aniseya and clearing her name. Osha is relieved to learn that her sister is alive. Lon says that she figured Osha would stay until they captured her. Osha replies that Mae is now the Jedi’s problem and says she is not a Jedi. Lon sends a playful wink when Osha asks if she will miss her. Lon says Osha cares about Mae and mourns the years of separation. Osha accepts that someone needs to find Mae. She plans to leave Coruscant but promises to meet up with Lon the next time she returns.

Later, a twin-boom starship with separate compartments lands in a clearing on the planet Khofar. Mae and Qimir unload supplies from several rectangular bins. Mae prepares to depart, but Qimir advises her not to go alone while understanding her desire to find the elusive Kelnacca. When Mae asks if Qimir traveled into the forest at the behest of their master, Qimir replies that he risked his life to help her. Qimir tells Mae that she needs him and offers her a flask. While Osha is alive, Qimir says this does not change her arrangement with the Master. Osha says they should get going because they only have three hours of sunlight left. The two cross a footbridge leading into the forest.

A secret Jedi meeting
At the Jedi Temple, several Jedi in white and gold robes gather around a hologram of Mae in combat. A female Jedi Master named Holden says Mae is fast but weak since her emotions guide her combat movements. Ki-Adi-Mundi observes that Mae displays skill while Master Sol says someone has trained her. When the female Jedi asks who, Sol replies that Mae doesn’t know the identity of her master but fears him. Holden wonders if they are dealing with a splinter Order or something worse.

When a male Jedi warns that Mae could become a major threat, Sol replies that she is not disciplined. Master Vernestra Rwoh counters that Mae eluded him and killed two Jedi Masters. The hologram displays three images of Indara, Torbin, and Kelnacca, with the former two marked in red. Rwoh says that Mae is targeting Sol and these three Jedi because they were stationed on her homeworld of Brendok when she was a child. Rwoh believes that Mae was taught by a Jedi based on her observation of Mae’s movements in the hologram.

When Ki-Adi-Mundi suggests informing the Jedi High Council, Rwoh advises against it because the High Council would be obliged to inform the Galactic Senate, leading to scandal and mistrust. Rwoh advises the Jedi to deal with this matter themselves. She orders Master Holden to extract Kelnacca from his post on Khofar and intercept Mae. When Holden asks what to do if Mae doesn’t come peacefully, Rwoh says they will expect violence. She adjourns the meeting and exits the room.

Master Sol follows Master Rwoh into the corridor and pleads with her. Rwoh asks why he did not tell her that there was a chance that Mae survived sixteen years ago following the incident on Brendok. Sol explains that he saw Mae fall and presumed that she had perished. In the presence of the other Jedi, Sol pleads that Rwoh allows him to bring Mae into custody. Rwoh disagrees due to his emotional and personal connections to Osha and Mae. Sol says that Mae’s objective is not solely her own. Rwoh agrees, opining that Mae is part of a larger plan by her master. She thinks that it is something to tip the scales. Sol warns that if Holden kills Mae, her master’s knowledge will be lost to them. He says that Mae will not surrender without getting something in return. Rwoh asks if they have something she wants, prompting Sol to nod.

On the hunt
While walking through the forest, Qimir and Mae discuss her master’s command to kill a Jedi without a weapon. Qimir asks if she can engage in unarmed combat while using her lightsaber to disarm them. He asks if that is cheating since he reasons that she failed to carry out this order during her previous assassinations and attempts. Mae responds that she didn’t fail to kill Indara and Torben. Qimir counters that she killed them her way and did not follow her master’s command to the letter.

Mae asks Qimir what kind of deal he made with the master. Qimir denies making a deal with the master and says he collects people. When Mae asks if he has seen his face, Qimir says she knows he hasn’t. They reach the edge of a towering forest, which Qimir describes as a perimeter. Mae is unhappy that her sister Osha is with the Jedi and asks Qimir what she is like. Qimir says that Osha seemed not to understand her situation and that she was attached to a particular Jedi master. Qimir’s face darkens, prompting Qimir to say they should continue their hike. The two assassins continue their hike over a narrow ridge.

One more mission
While Osha is walking through a hallway in the Jedi Temple and chatting with Pip, Sol calls out, saying that Jecki had told him she had left. Osha apologizes for leaving without saying goodbye. Sol asks Osha to accompany him on his mission to hunt Mae. Osha asks if Sol is recruiting her back to the Jedi Order before concluding that he needs her help to find Mae. Sol explains that he needs her help to find Mae, explaining that her eyes softened when he told Mae that Osha was still alive. Sol says that Mae has the potential to become a different person.

Sol explains that the Jedi will only allow him to hunt for Mae if Osha comes along for the mission to find Mae. Sol says he doesn’t want to harm Mae and believes it is still good for her. Osha replies that Mae is a murderer. Sol counters that she is still her family. Mae reflects silently and agrees to come but says she will not wear a civilian robe.

While traveling through hyperspace, Osha is dressed in a grey civilian outfit. Aboard the Jedi starship, Jedi Knight Yord Fandar briefs Osha and several Jedi, including Lon. He says that the Jedi Order stationed Master Kelnacca on Khofar, but nobody has heard from him for over a year. Kelnacca has not responded to any of their transmissions. Pip attracts the attention of a small furry Tynnan. Annoyed, the droid sprays water at the furry alien. Osha apologizes before asking Lon about the alien’s identity. Lon explains that the Tynnan’s name is Bazil, and he is with them. When Fandar asks if Osha has any questions, Osha says that she doesn’t have any questions and that his briefing is comprehensive.

The search for Kelnacca
The Jedi starship exits hyperspace and undocks from its rear hyperdrive and engine unit. The Jedi ship descends into the forested world of Khofar. Amidst a fog, the Jedi starship lands on a grassy clearing. Later, Jecki Lon speaks to a humanoid alien through a translator droid, explaining that they are looking for a Wookiee Jedi. Sol and the other Jedi wait nearby. Fandar notices that Osha has a blaster in her holster and requests that she return the object, describing it as a property of the Jedi Order. Osha says it is hers, but Fandar insists.

Before the argument can escalate, Lon returns from her meeting and reports that the locals say that Kelnacca ventured into the forest and never returned. Sol looks into the forest below the cliff, which is far away. He tells the Jedi that he can sense that Kelnacca is inside the forest. When Osha asks how they can find him, Sol explains they have a tracker. Fandar hands Bazil a sample of clothing with Kelnacca’s scent. Bazil leads the Jedi through a narrow pathway down a hill into the forest.

During the walk, Osha asks if Fandar can understand what Bazil is saying. Fandar replies that he can because he spent his free time learning a more nuanced alien language than the Shyriiwook most Padawans study. When Osha asks if Fandar is upset about having to join the mission, the Knight responds that he is only concerned with her safety. The two hang back as the other Jedi proceed. Osha tells Fandar that Sol believes that Mae can be saved. Fandar responds that Sol thinks that Mae will listen to her. Osha warns that if Mae is unwilling to listen, Fandar needs to be prepared to stop her. Osha says that she won’t be able to kill her and says that she can’t hesitate a second time. Fandar is sympathetic to Osha’s concerns but thinks Sol brought Osha here to face herself.

Deeper into the forest
Elsewhere, Mae and Qimir reach a gully at the end of their path. They find their path obstructed by a giant tree. The two go around a structure, wading through ferns and plants to reach an opening under the tree. This leads them into a thicker forest. Meanwhile, Bazil leads the Jedi party through a section of the forest where the trees have big lumps growing on their trunks. Bazil says that there is something rotten about these trees, with Fandar translating. Master Sol advises the Jedi party to keep their volume down to avoid trouble.

Osha touches one of the lumps until Lon tells her to move. After she moves, the lump is revealed to be a large, scaly predator. She sees slime where the lump was and sees movement in the trees. Osha calls out to Sol. The Jedi look up and see a giant moth-like creature known as an Umbramoth approaching her. Sol draws his blue lightsaber and faces down the descending winged Umbramoth. He slices through the creature with his lightsaber. Osha notices that the creature is drawn to his lightsaber. Sol says the umbramoth was drawn to the light and tells the Jedi party they have to keep moving. Osha and the Jedi party leave the forest section with the hibernating moths.

The Jedi then hike through the tunnels created by the giant trees. Fandar leads the group, followed by Osha and Lorn. Osha says she could sense the creature and regrets that it died during their encounter. Lon replies that it is an honor for something to transform into the Force. Lon notices that Osha has experienced more death than she has. Osha says she struggles to accept death and the resentment from her separation from her sister. Lon reassures Osha that they are defined not by what they lose but rather by what they survive. She touches Osha’s arm and says she has gone through a lot.

Second thoughts
There is a landscape shot of the mountains and surrounding forest. Qimir leads Mae through the jungle, saying Kelnacca’s hut is ten minutes away. Mae sits on a rock, saying she must rest since she is fighting Kelnacca. She tells Qimir that her confrontation with Kelnacca is not a test, recalling the master’s words that “your final lesson is one you teach yourself. You will kill a Jedi without a weapon.” Mae struggles to kill someone without a weapon due to the Jedi’s teaching against attacking those who cannot defend themselves.

Qimir reassures her that her test is not impossible. As Mae drinks from her flask, she surmises that her test is impossible and fears that the Master will kill her for failing it. When Mae accuses Qimir of not caring for her, he offers her water. He tells Mae she needs to rest since she is losing her nerve. After Qimir leaves, Mae looks at her surroundings and resumes her journey.

As dusk approaches, the Jedi find their Tynnan guide Bazil has disappeared. Fandar grumbles about Bazil’s reliability before updating Sol about the situation. Meanwhile, Qimir hears Mae’s cries and runs to help her. He steps on a booby trap and is caught in a rope trap that leaves him hanging by his leg from a tree. As Mae resurfaces from the trees, Qimir calls for help. Mae tells Qimir that she doesn’t need to follow her master’s commandment to kill a Jedi without a weapon because Osha being alive changes everything. Mad says that she is loyal to Osha and not Qimir’s master.

When Qimir asks what she is doing, Mae replies that she intends to surrender herself to Kelnacca and the Jedi Order. Qimir says that the Jedi will put her in prison. Mae says they won’t after she tells them what she knows. When Qimir warns that the master will kill her, Mae says he must kill her first and doubts that he can navigate the jungle without a guide. Mae tells Qimir that he has outlived his usefulness to her.

Meanwhile, the Jedi reach a grove but find no sign of Bazil or Mae. Sol gazes at tropical foliage in the distance. When Osha asks, he says it is nothing. Osha asks why Sol did not let her confront Mae. Osha thinks she can face Mae, but Sol tells her she will face her last. He says that he will explain everything once they have gotten Mae safely to the ship.

Elsewhere, Mae sees Kelnacca’s hut in the distance. As she approaches the hut, she trips over several pods that release orange pollen. As the dust settles, she encounters the Tynnan guide, Bazil. Mae greets Bazil, but he squeals in fear and shock, attracting the attention of the Jedi. Mae runs past Bazil and heads towards the hut. Sol leads the Jedi towards the location of Bazil’s cries. Fandar tells Osha to wait from behind.

Mae enters Kelnacca’s hut as the Jedi approach. She finds the Wookiee Jedi slumped inside the hut in front of a console. As she approaches Kelnacca, she finds him dead with a lightsaber gash across his chest. Mae realizes the master is here as night settles on the hut. As night falls, the Jedi surround the space between the two lanterns in front of Kelnacca’s hut. Osha watches from behind.

The dark stranger
Sol demands that anyone inside the domicile come out with their hands raised in the name of the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order. Fandar demands that Mae surrender. Mae gazes nervously through a hole in the door. Soo turns his back towards Osha as a dark shape settles behind his former Padawan. The other Jedi turn to face the stranger. osha turns to gaze at a dark, cloaked figure wearing a helmet with a granulated jaw guard. As the stranger approaches Osha, Sol and Fandar demand that the figure stand down.

Mae watches nervously inside the hut as the helmeted figure studies Osha and draws its red lightsaber. In response, the Jedi draw their lightsabers and charge at the stranger. The stranger uses his Force powers to flick Osha away with a single-hand movement. He then hurls the Jedi away, stirring up a cloud of dust.




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