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Species: Umbramoth
Planet of Origin: Khofar


Special Abilities:
Mandibles: Do STR+2D damage.

Move: 24 (flying)
Size: 8.9m
Orneriness: 2D

Background: The umbramoth was a type of large moth that resided in the forests of the planet Khofar. A group of umbramoths was known as an eclipse. As larvae, they gestated in protective cocoons on the trunks of trees until they hatched into winged creatures that were attracted to light. During the High Republic Era, when a team of Jedi visited Khofar in search of the Force-sensitive assassin Mae-ho Aniseya, they were led by the tracker Bazil through a grove that served as a breeding ground for an eclipse of umbramoths. Aniseya’s sister, Osha, touched one of the creatures, which awoke and became hostile. When Jedi Master Sol ignited his lightsaber, the umbramoth flew toward it and Sol sliced the creature in two.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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