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Species: Tynnan
Home Planet: Tynna

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Swimming: Tynnans are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath for as many minutes as their stamina die code.
Low Temperatures: Tynnans are native to near-frigid waters and suffer no penalties in extreme cold (temperatures equal to or above -50 degrees Celsius).
Scent: Tynnan can detect opponents within 10 meters by sense of smell. If the source is upwind, the range increases to 20 meters; if itโ€™s downwind, the range decreases to 6 meters. Strong scents double the range and overpowering scents triple it. Tynnan also get a +1D bonus to Search: tracking.

Story Factors:
Wealth: Most Tynnans are supported by their government and spend their time in recreational pursuits.

Move: 6/9 (11/14 Swimming)
Size: 1.1-1.5 meters tall

Background: Tynnans were a sentient species native to the Expansion Region planet Tynna. Having evolved from water mammals, they were covered in brown fur and a thick layer of insulating blubber, which allowed them to swim comfortably in the cold oceans of their homeworld. This gave the Tynnans a rounded appearance, which, combined with their short stature, made them appear cute and pudgy to many species. They had dark noses, poor eyesight, and pointed ears. Their muzzles sported two buckteeth, although these evolutionary holdovers shortened with each succeeding generation. Tynnans were an intelligent and pragmatic race renowned for their patient planning. Their system of government was unusual in that their officials were chosen by lottery; consequently, most Tynnans kept themselves well informed on civics and other pertinent issues in case of election to office. This was particularly important as their economy was government-run.

The Tynnans were discovered by Galactic Republic scouts and integrated into the Galactic Society. While allowing Republic economic and corporate development, the Tynnans were careful to ensure it proceeded with full environmental safeguards, leaving the natural beauty of their world largely unscathed. The Tynnan government shrewdly reinvested all profits into society, and Tynna became one of the more affluent per capita worlds in the Republic. During the Clone Wars, a suspected terrorist attack on their homeworld involving stone mites prompted the Tynnans to secede from the Republic. Tynna later rejoined the Republic, but their careful management of resources upset the Imperial governor appointed to their world following the Republic’s transformation into the Galactic Empire. The Empire eventually attempted to invade Tynna, but a substantial planetary shield, presciently installed, protected Tynna from attack. They were later invaded and conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong during the Yuuzhan Vong War in 26 ABY, and their planet was terraformed. Following the Yuuzhan Vong’s defeat, at least one Tynnan diplomat worked with the New Republic’s successor state, the Galactic Alliance.

Tynna’s affluence allowed many Tynnans to travel offworld. Two such individuals were Cham and Nog Teleus, who settled in the Cularin system and sponsored various events there. Also of note was Senator Streamdrinker, who was arrested for treason against the Empire. A famous Tynnan in the private sector was Odumin, who rose to the influential post of Territorial Administrator for the Corporate Sector Authority. Less well-known was the Tynnan named Dawson, who worked as a professional thief in the galactic underworld.

Bazil was a Tynnan tracker who lived during the High Republic Era. Several Tynnans fought against the Imperial Military during the Campaign at Salient. The species had an aptitude for bureaucracy, which was put to good use in Deep Current, a resistance group that gathered data about the Galactic Empire.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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