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Name: Pip
Type: Pocket Repair Droid
Degree: Second Degree
Class: Repair Droid
Sensor Color: Blue
Plating Color: Blue / Orange
Gender: None
Personality Module: Simple

Dodge 2D

Search 2D

Computer Programming/Repair 2D

Equipped With:
• Acoustic signaler
• Retractable Small electric arc welder
• Retractable Small Welding Torch
• Retractable Fire extinguisher

Special Abilities:

Move: 0
Cost: 150 credits
Availability: 1

Background: Pip was a PIP repair droid who accompanied Osha Aniseya during the High Republic Era. Osha became Pip’s owner sometime before 132 BBY. The droid assisted her in her work as a meknek performing repairs to the outer hulls of starships. When two Jedi, Yord Fandar and Tasi Lowa, arrested Osha as a suspect in the murder of Jedi Master Indara, they took Pip into custody as well.

Most inmates staged a mutiny on the prison ship Palwick, abandoning the ship in an escape pod and leaving Osha and Pip confined. The ship’s lurching knocked Pip within Osha’s reach, and they worked together to unlock her cell. Pip’s welder also freed the remaining prisoner from the dybbuk parasite immobilizing him. Still, he immediately took the ship’s other escape pod, leaving Pip and Osha to crash onto the planet Carlac.

Master Sol tracked down Osha and enlisted her help to find Indara’s killer, who Osha now believed to be her twin sister Mae. Pip assisted Osha and Sol in the next phase of the investigation. He synced with Sol’s transport shuttle to improve its operation. When Osha briefly went undercover, posing as Mae on the planet Olega, she carried Pip to transmit and record her conversation. When the Jedi tried to arrest Mae, Sol told Osha not to interfere; with Pip’s help, she could tap into the Jedi comms to listen in on the chase and pursue Mae on her own.

Appearances: The Acolyte

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