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The Acolyte – S01E05 – Night

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The slaughter
After being thrown by The Stranger, Osha lies on the forest floor, surrounded by leaves and ferns. She checks with Pip, who has survived the fall. Returning to Kelnacca’s shelter, she stumbles upon a deceased human Jedi. In the trees nearby, she sees the mysterious Master fighting several Jedi, including Yord Fandar. The Master strikes down Ithia Paan before shorting out two lightsabers and parrying with Fandar. He wounds Fandar before killing three Jedi. The Master then turns his attention to the immobilized Fandar, who wields his yellow lightsaber in self-defense.

Seeking to save Fandar, Osha fires on the Master with her blaster set to stun. The stun bolt bounces off the Master. Fandar tells Osha to run. Inside Kelnacca’s shelter, Mae retrieves Kelnacca’s lightsaber. The Master pursues Osha through the forest and hurls his red lightsaber at her. Jedi Master Sol deflects the red lightsaber with his blue lightsaber, causing the blade to slice several nearby trees. Fandar joins Osha and Sol. Sol orders Osha to evacuate with Fandar and return to their ship.

Fight and flight
While Sol stands against the mysterious Master, Fandar, and Osha catch up with Bazil. Osha tells Fandar they have to go back, but Fandar reiterates that Sol has given him an order and warns her that he doesn’t want to subdue her. The Master addresses Sol, who asks who he is. The Master says that he is surprised that Sol does not recognize him, prompting Sol to sense that he is familiar with his adversary. The Master engages in a lightsaber duel with Sol. During a break, Sol says that the Master carries a Jedi weapon but is no Jedi.

Mae exits Kelnacca’s hut but is ambushed by Padawan Jecki Lon. The two engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Using the Force, Lon hurls Mae inside Kelnacca’s hut before attempting to arrest her. However, Mae fights back. Lon attempts to force magnetic binders around Mae’s hands while stating that Mae is under arrest for the murders of Master Indara, Torbin, Kelnacca, and her own family. Mae screams, breaks free of her captor, and engages in a second round of fighting. She throws daggers at Lon, who dodges her blades.

Meanwhile, the Master parries with Master Sol. During a break, Sol says that the Master trained Mae and demands that his adversary reveal his face. The stranger is unwilling to let Sol read his thoughts. When Sol asks what Master hides his face from his pupil, the Master throws back the question before resuming the fight. Elsewhere, Lon fights Mae in the forest. Osha wants to help Lon, but Fandar insists on following Sol’s orders. Sol loses the Master and searches his surroundings.

Osha asks Fandar about their mysterious enemy. Fandar admits he doesn’t know but observes that their opponent does not follow the rules of combat and lacks a methodology to his movements. Fandar says that their enemy is capable of telepathy, which leads Osha to recall her late mother Aniseya’s ability to get inside a Jedi’s thoughts. Fandar leads the way but finds Bazil has disappeared.

Elsewhere, Mae traps Lon in a headlock and attempts to stab her in the neck. However, the Padawan breaks free and pins her down. Lon retrieves Kelnacca’s lightsaber. Sensing movement, she crouches and fends off an attack by the mysterious Master. The Padawan clashes with the Master, who knocks her to the ground. The Master tells Mae she can learn from Lon, whom he describes as a loyal pupil. The two resume fighting, and Lon’s green lightsaber short-circuits. Lon adjusts her lightsaber and draws a second green light from her holster. She fights the Master with both blades while a handcuffed Mae flees into the forest. The Master destroys one of Lon’s lightsabers before pursuing Mae.

Later, Osha and Fandar enter the section of the forest inhabited by umbramoths. Osha tells Fandar to switch off his lightsaber to avoid attracting the giant moths. Fandar reluctantly switches off his blade while staring at a tree bark where an umbramoth has rested. The two walk slowly. Meanwhile, the Master catches up with Mae and condemns her for wanting to betray him. When Mae begs for forgiveness, the Master chides her for being weak and then cuts through her binders, freeing her hands. Before he can strike Mae, the Master is attacked by both Sol and Lon, who engage him in a lightsaber duel. Mae takes advantage of the situation to flee but is pursued by her Master, who also fights off the pursuing Jedi.

An old enemy
Osha hears Mae’s voice echoing through the Force. She wants to go back despite Fandar’s objections. Mae senses movement and shines her torch at the trees above. As umbramoths circle, she runs back toward the direction of Kelnacca’s hut and tells Fandar to run. Meanwhile, Sol engages the Master in hand-to-hand combat. Lon interrupts the fight and engages in a lightsaber duel with the Master. She manages to unmask the Master, but he ignites a second red lightsaber and stabs her through the torso three times. In her final moments, Lon gazes at the face of her adversary while Sol shouts in horror.

Sol finds himself facing an unmasked Stranger. Sol is distraught by the death of his Padawan Jecki Lon. The Stranger notices Mae nearby. She tries to flee, but the Stranger hurls his cloak at Sol and then uses the Force to levitate Mae towards her. He holds her in a choke-hold before confronting a shocked Mae, who does not realize that the Stranger and the Master are the same person. Sol attacks the Stranger with his lightsaber, but the Stranger takes Mae hostage. He taunts Sol for attacking him while his back is turned.

Sol scowls before dropping his lightsaber. When Sol asks the Stranger what he is, the Stranger replies that he has no name before adding that the Jedi might call him a Sith. Sol asks the Stranger why he is risking discovery. The Stranger replies that he wears a mask. When Sol asks what the Stranger wants, the Sith replies that he wants freedom before kicking Mae. He says that the Sith want the freedom to wield power without answering to the Jedi. The Stranger says that he wants to train an acolyte. Since Mae goes back on their deal, the Stranger vows to kill everyone, including Mae. The Stranger says that the Jedi make the rules, and the Jedi say that Sith, like him, cannot exist. He vows to kill everyone who has seen his face.

Before the Stranger can deal with Sol and Mae, he is ambushed by Fandar, who has grabbed his cortosis helmet. Osha has also joined them. Fandar recognizes the Stranger from their earlier encounter with Olega. Taking advantage of Fandar’s shock, the Stranger gains the upper hand. After fighting him in hand-to-hand combat, the Stranger kills Fandar by breaking his neck with his hands. Osha manages to stun Mae from a distance. An enraged Sol fights the Stranger in hand-to-hand combat. The two opponents are evenly matched. Sol gains the upper hand and attempts to strike the Sith down with his lightsaber.

However, Sol is interrupted by Osha. The Stranger takes advantage of the interruption to sow doubt in Osha about her former Jedi Master. Sol counters that the Stranger is twisted by darkness. The Stranger responds that he has embraced his darkness and asks Sol what he has done with his darkness. Sol steps away from the Stranger and deactivates his lightsaber. Just then, Pip senses movement in the trees above and alerts Osha. When Osha calls out to Sol, the Jedi Master says that the Jedi do not attack the unarmed. This prompts the Stranger to taunt Sol about the perceived legalism of the Jedi.

Osha tells Pip she loves him before sticking him onto the Stranger’s back. The droid acts as a beacon for several umbramoths who surround the Stranger. The Stranger cuts down a few with his lightsaber, but the others carry him into the forest. When the two are alone, Osha asks Sol why she can’t trust him and what he did in the past. Sol promises to explain but is stunned by Mae.

A bitter reunion
As dawn reaches the jungle and mountains, Osha approaches her sister Mae. When Osha asks what she has done, the acolyte responds that she did what she had to for Osha and their family. Osha counters that Mae is selfish and blames her for all the lives lost tonight. When Mae counters that the Jedi got what they deserved, Osha responds that the Jedi were more like family than Mae ever was. Mae asks if Osha has forgotten their roots as witches. When Mae says that the Jedi invaded their home on Brendok, Osha reminds her that she started the fire and would have perished without the Jedi.

Mae responds that the Jedi have brainwashed Osha and turned her against her sister. Mae offers to help Osha return to herself. She embraces Osha and reaffirms her love for her. She begs Osha to choose her over the Jedi. Tears streak down Mae’s face. Mae says that they both survived and only have each other. However, Osha breaks free of Mae and holds her down in an armlock. Osha denounces her sister as a criminal who must pay for her crimes. Osha says that she has come to arrest Mae for her crimes, and when Osha says that Mae followed a false master, Mae counters that Osha is also following a false master.

She breaks free of Osha and holds her down. When Osha begs Mae to leave Sol out of this, Mae counters that Sol has led her into a life without purpose and family. The two sisters begin fighting. Mae uses her Force powers to knock Osha onto the ground. She slowly approaches her unconscious sister and chides her for not being able to block with her Force powers. She retrieves a lightsaber and cuts off some of her locks to imitate Osha.

The imposter
Meanwhile, the Stranger breaks free of both Pip and the umbramoths. He walks into the forest. The Tynnan scout Bazil scurries past, tracking the scent of something. Later, Mae, who impersonates Osha, tends to Sol. When Sol asks where Mae is, the imposter claims that Mae has fled. “Osha” offers to help Sol to their ship. The two Jedi travel back to their ship, which is parked near a settlement of humanoid aliens. Mae stares at the jungle one final time before following Sol aboard the Jedi starship. They are followed by Bazil, who sniffs her scent.

Back in the forest, the Stranger retrieves his helmet and cloak. He walks past the bodies of the fallen Jedi. Gazing at the unconscious Osha, the Stranger remarks that even in the revelation of their triumph, one can see the depth of their despair. He wraps his cloak around Osha before tending to her.




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