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Study: Pollution Standards Still Endanger Many

CORUSCANT NODE – Vors, Shashay, and Chadra-Fan are among the 10 species labeled as “at risk” of disease from air pollution that Coruscant planetary standards fail to account for, according to a study released today.
In an examination of Coruscant middle-class districts conducted by the Rhire Medical Academy, findings indicated that air pollutants caused by government industrial centers and civic traffic led to 15 times increased likelihood of debilitating respiratory ailments in the identified species. The diseases included lungrot, dioxo-brionchiectasis shock, silicalung and hemorrhagic molting.

The report calls on planetary officials to redefine pollution standards, especially in areas they currently have jurisdiction over — public transit and industrial quarters. Specifically, the report recommended the phasing out of older air buses that employ propellant-based lateral thrusters and replace them with more modern units that use directional-repulsorfield steering.

“It’s ludicrous that my patients must live with this risk, and especially maddening when the means to reduce the risk aren’t that expensive and are readily available,” said Dr. Rispi Lacendad, a family physician who runs a clinic in the middle-class Coco District. Almost half of Lacendad’s patients are Chadra-Fan, to whom he advises the wearing of breathmasks whenever outdoors.

Coruscant Health Officials are said to be examining the reports and comparing the Rhire Academy findings with their own.

Are You at Risk?
The following species were cited in the University of Rhinnal’s report as being susceptible to such diseases as lungrot, silicalung, and others under the current pollution standards employed by Coruscant.


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