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Pori Nate is like many 15-year-olds. Stepping into his room at his parent’s Jrade-district domicile, you see evidence of his passions. A synth-viol rests on its docking cradle. Slickplast posters of D.T. Spool and the Skroaches’ last four tours cover each wall. His schoolpad lays unopened because he’s putting off his homework until the last minute. Full Story >>

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Alderaan Opens to Refugee Relief Movement
The Refugee Relief Movement has begun transforming 100 hectares of donated Alderaanian plains into new homes. Full Story >>

Jedi Smash Iridium Pirates; 3 Knights Killed
The Judicial Department confirmed that a Jedi task force has thrashed the space pirates of Iridium. Full Story >>

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Sluis Sector Secedes; Seswenna Restates Loyalty
Senator Dod in Five-Speeder Skylane Accident
House of Tagge Sides with Loyalists
Study: Pollution Standards Still Endanger Many

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Most Popular Baby Names
1. Losibaru
2. Janara
3. Barada
4. Gaeriel
5. (Sharp keening at 85 cycles, followed by five atonal mandible clicks)

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