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House of Tagge Sides with Loyalists

UNLOS TAGGE, TEPASI – Baroness Sanya Tagge, leader of the House of Tagge family of nobles, reaffirmed her family’s loyalty to the Republic in an address to the people of Tepasi, the Tagge throneworld.
“For generations, the name Tagge has been synonymous with that of the Republic, as the blood of one of the original Founders continues to flow through our veins. We would be remiss not to broadcast to the galaxy at large our undying devotion to the union, our faith in the Supreme Chancellor, and our dedication to serving the people of the Republic,” she said.

The House of Tagge is the owner of The Tagge Company (TaggeCo), a leading mining and heavy manufacturing concern with extremely diversified assets. TaggeCo is the owner of Bonadan Heavy Industries, Tagge Mining Company, GalResource Industries, Mobquet Swoops and Speeders, Gowix Computers and the Tagge Restaurant Association.

This pledge of allegiance is an unusual move for so large a corporate body, given that ruling commerce entities such as the Trade Federation, the Commerce Guild and the Techno Union have attempted to remain neutral during the Separatist crisis.

Baroness Tagge kept the platitudes vague, confirming her family’s loyalty but not specifying anything in the form of resource donation to the ailing Republic. The House of Tagge maintains a private fleet of over 5,000 armed scout starships and a private army of over one million troops.

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