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Sluis Sector Secedes; Seswenna Restates Loyalty

OUTER RIM NODE – With the transmission of Articles of Secession to the Senate, Senator Corlissi Ludar made formal the withdrawal of the Sluis sector from the Republic. Neighboring Seswenna sector representative Senator Shayla Paige-Tarkin responded with an adamant assertion of her sector’s loyalty to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

The withdrawal of Sluis was largely expected, having been preceded by the extended absence of Senator Ludar from general sessions. Even his secondary functionaries were recalled, leaving the Sluissi Senatorial pod empty for over a month.

Sluis is the latest in a tide of Outer Rim secession traveling Coreward up the Rimma Trade Route. Believed to have been fomented by an appearance by Count Dooku in the Metharian Nebula Territories, the spreading wave has claimed Elrood, Danjar and Tantra sectors.

Seswenna and Mayagil, the next sectors in line, have thus far remained in the Republic. “The disaffected worlds of the Outer Rim have in no way swayed Eriadu and Seswenna’s loyalty to the Republic,” said Paige-Tarkin. “We stand by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Should it even come to war, we will take up arms if Seswenna’s worlds become the front line. We are proof that not all worlds in the Outer Rim have a lawless disregard for the heart of the Republic.”

Mayagil’s Senator Dodra F’ass (Clak’dor VII) has been noncommittal in his loyalties, refusing comment. He is reportedly rushing back to Mayagil to convene with the Bith Ruling Program to discuss his sector’s security.

The Sluis sector is a large expanse of sparsely populated space, renowned for its mineral resources and processing facilities. Its primary system, Sluis Van, maintains a formidable shipyard for construction and maintenance. The Praesitlyn system is home to a major HoloNet and subspace communications hub, and the Jedi order maintains a training enclave on Bpfassh.

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