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Merson Pirates Attack Sy Myrth Liner

Merson Pirates Attack Sy Myrth Liner

STENNESS DATA NODE — Long-range sensor data compiled by a BoSS network subspace relay has confirmed that the Elegant Wake, a Sy Myrthian passenger liner, was scuttled by Merson pirates.

The transport left Coruscant four days ago, carrying Sy Myrthian refugees returning to their recently seceded planet. Its travel route skirted the Merson asteroid belt, necessitating a reversion to realspace.

A Merson raider group comprising at least five fast-attack vessels emerged from the field and attacked the unarmed liner. The liner carried 456 registered passengers, all Sy Myrthian. The Mersons, who have known ties to the Zygerrian slavers, may have taken the captives alive. The data after the disabling of the craft is distorted by stellar flare activity, making it impossible to determine exactly what became of the ship and its passengers.

Relatives of the victims have been threatening a class action suit against Romodi Interstellar, the operator of the liner, for negligence. They claim that the standard silent running procedure for passing through the asteroid field was botched by crew incompetence, and that the BoSS data will back their claims.

“That the liner registered on anyone’s long range sensors proves that the ship wasn’t following procedure. Now that we’ve actually got data readings of it proves this,” says Roonyard Noon, a Sy Myrthian lawyer whose wife and three children were aboard the Wake.

Slowing down their pursuit of compensatory damages are increased bureaucratic hurdles now that Sy Myrth is no longer a Republic world and thus its access to the Courts requires special handling.

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