Thursday, July 25, 2024

Best in Show Eaten by Second-Best

MUNTO, COMMENOR — Horror turned to controversy at the Annual Mid-Rim Domesticated Sub-Sentient Show. When prize Sullustan wilwog Itipiniwi was awarded first prize, her owner became hysterical. Following her master’s lead, Itipiniwi began to yip loudly, arousing the sensitive ears of the runner-up Boshuda, a Kashyyyk bolstyngar. To put an end to the noise, the bolystyngar snatched up the much smaller animal and swallowed it. Because the consumption of an opponent is not yet addressed by the pageant guidelines, Boshuda was named Best in Show due to forfeit. “I only feed him the best,” commented Boshuda’s owner. Full Story >>

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Baktoid Closes Down Five More Plants
In a statement issued to shareholders, Baktoid Armor Workshop confirmed that they will close down five more plants in the Inner Rim and Colonies. Full Story >>

15 Dead in Houk / Weequay Brawl at Eastport
A three-hour melee between Houk and Weequay immigrants at an Eastport processing station has left 15 dead and 46 wounded. Full Story >>

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Jedi Refuse to Hand Over Baby Ludi
Lantillian Recalls GX1 Short Hauler
Incom / Subpro Development Deal Cancelled
Dooku Bounty Posting Still A Mystery

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