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Riots Rock Kabal

Riots Rock Kabal

SHORIBUS, KABAL — After two months of going without food shipments, the citizenry of Kabal’s capital city of Shoribus broke into deadly riots. The Kabal central government attempted to ease the disgruntled populace by issuing free vouchers good for actual foodstuffs upon arrival, but that gesture only sparked further aggression. The Kabal Central Citadel was damaged by protestors, with a small portion of its northern wing set ablaze. Kabal authorities are attempting to bring the protestors under control. There are no official reports as to casualties or damage estimates. Kabal was previously serviced by Trade Federation freighters, but increased Republic taxation on the Sharlissian Trade Corridor made the route cost-prohibitive. Unlicensed independent traders have taken up the cargo runs, but they have not been able to keep up with demand.

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