Friday, June 21, 2024
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Imperial Fugitive Morgan Elsbeth Captured

Outer Rim – New Republic Security Forces have captured the Imperial criminal businesswoman Morgan Elsbeth from her fortress on the planet Corvus. The New Republic did not mention details of the capture, but a holo statement from Corvus Governor Wing stated that a Mandalorian bounty hunter and an unknown partner added Elsbeth’s arrest.

New Republic forces will bring the suspect under heavy guard, said New Republic Captain Hayle. Hayle is the Captain of the New Republic Frigate Vesper, and sources have confirmed that Elsbeth is being held aboard the vessel. HoloNet News subscribers can chart the ship’s course on their datapad and follow it directly to Coruscant, where Elsbeth will be transferred to the New Republic Detention Center.

New Republic Security said they have been working with various partners to tail the fugitive in the Outer Rim for months, tracking financial movements tied to Elbeth’s close associates and data posts on Corellia.

Elsbeth had been living on Corvus for an undisclosed amount of time. Reports of criminal activity and public executions by Elsbeth’s guards have not yet been confirmed.

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