Spirit Drain

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Force Power: Spirit Drain
Control Difficulty: Blood Level IV
Time to Use: 1 round
Effect: Arguably the most despicable spell a Nightsister can cast, this spell allows the user to drain the life force and power from a loved one by killing them at one of the many secret altars on Dathomir. After absorbing their loved one’s power, the Winged Goddess increases their power tenfold. However, the user only has five years to live after the ritual, and if the user does not perform the ritual correctly, they are killed. The incantation for this spell is, “Winged Goddess, I am loyal to you alone. Savor the blood of those I once loved and make me one with you.” The ritual that accompanies this spell has been lost to the ages.
Game Note: Caster receives a dark side point if used.

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