Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Gotal Standoff Ends Violently

Official Freed, Guerillas Killed

SKREEKA, ATZERRI – Despite the best efforts of a Jedi taskforce, the week-long Roshu Sune hostage standoff ended in violence, resulting in the death of 12 hostages, five guerillas, and two Jedi. The guerilla’s intended prisoner, Gotal Emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz has been freed.

The taskforce, led by Sarrissa Jeng, had been engaged in negotiations with the Gotal guerillas, who last week hijacked a commuter hopper with 25 passengers aboard, including Emissary Nirrelz. The hopper was set down in the swamps outside of Skreeka, where the guerillas had a temporary base.

The negotiations were suddenly cut short when blaster fire erupted from the surrounding swamps. Though reports are incomplete, the hijackers within the hopper apparently panicked and began opening fire on their captives.

Though two Jedi — Antyard-Wo Shissan and Kaloor Cofi — were killed in the crossfire, the remaining four Jedi including Jeng stormed the hopper. In the tight confines of the passenger compartment, they were forced to kill the guerillas before any more harm could befall the hostages.

During the fight inside the hopper, one of the guerillas set off a thermite gel bomb which ignited the vessel. The Jedi were able to rescue those aboard. Most have since been taken to medical wards in Skreeka or Talos, suffering from burns or smoke inhalation.

“It’s a miracle anyone survived this at all,” said Palhra Wavren, one of the passengers who is currently recovering in Talos Port Medicomplex. “Once we heard shots from the outside, we thought it was all over. The rest is just a blur. There was a lot of shouting and shooting, and we heard the laser swords. The next thing I knew, everything went up in smoke and fire and then went black. I woke up out in the swamps being tended to by a Jedi.”

Not everyone is praising the Jedi; Gotal Foreign Affairs Commune leader Shagrad Loset criticized the Jedi involvement in the crisis. “We specifically asked the Jedi stay out of this, since we were confident we could handle this. It’s a Gotal issue, best handled by Gotal. Unfortunately, they meddled and we can now see the results of lightsaber diplomacy.”

Representatives from the Jedi Council continue to stress that every effort was taken to resolve the matter peacefully. “Those rogue elements who fired from afar were never part of our plan. Our intent was to settle this with words. The Jedi Council condemns the actions of those who would take justice into their own hands through violence, and we commend the Jedi task force on their heroic efforts,” said Jedi Master Shaak Ti from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Sarrissa Jeng and her remaining task force took their dead to the nearest Jedi chapter house on Aleen. They were not available for comment.

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