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RRM Fundraiser a Huge Success

XENVAER, ALSAKAN – Many of the biggest names in politics and business flocked to a thousand-credit-a-plate dinner reception to raise funds for the Refugee Relief Movement. Security was tight at the gala, held at the posh Xenvaer Civic Auditorium on Alsakan, as the guest list not only included Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, but also the members of his Loyalist Committee as well.

“I’m just amazed at the turn-out and am touched by the strong desire to help the refugee movement,” said RRM Spokesbeing Kaysil Verwood. “I know the cynical have no shortage of critical things to say about the wealthy, but the money we raised tonight, I think, shows that these people do care and are generous.”

Though not specifically mentioned by name, Verwood’s statements most likely refer to morning com-host Brookish Boon, who spent much of last week criticizing the upcoming gala. “Does anyone else find this moronic? 践ey, let’s help the poor by spending how-many-thousands of credits in a big self-congratulatory party!'” railed Boon. “The least they could do is invite some of the poor suckers and let them eat their scraps then and there.”

Plans to include refugee attendants were discussed but discarded in the interests of increased security. The Fundraiser was estimated to have raised 75 million credits for the Refugee Relief Movement.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s appearance at the function was brief, though he stayed long enough for dinner, leaving before the aftermeal entertainment. His functionaries, Sly Moore and Kinman Doriana stayed behind.

Palpatine’s red-clad guards were just one sign of the increased security of the event. Alsakan Militia Guards monitored all entrances and exits during the evening affair. The evening went without incident, though security was placed on “level-five” alert when it was reported that Representative Jar Jar Binks was missing. A thorough search uncovered the Gungan politician accidentally locked in the foyer cloakroom.

Aside from members of the Loyalist Committee, many important business leaders contributed to the cause. Wat Tambor, head of the Techno Union made an appearance despite his physiology not requiring solid food. Corporate Alliance magistrate Passel Argente made a sizable, tax-deductible donation to the RRM before leaving. Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray put in a brief appearance, but left early citing “stomach pains” at the exact moment that Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo arrived.

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