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Three-Way Hunt Ends with Two Dead

JUDICIAL ARCOLOGY, CORUSCANT – Sent to capture a fugitive alive, Jedi Knight Reeft returned with two dead bodies: his prey and another hunter of his prey.

Rotar Lopani, a thief with ties to Bando Gora, fled Coruscant a month ago allegedly with sensitive diplomatic datapads. Circarpous representatives turned to the Jedi for resolution on the matter, but also filed an 8000-credit reward with the Bounty Hunter’s Guild.

In a crowded market on Brentaal IV, witnesses report Jedi Reeft was following close behind the disguised suspect when Xexto bounty hunter Tosinqas fell from several stories above, crashing down on the Lopani and killing him. Startled by the sound of Reeft’s igniting lightsaber, Tosinqas charged the Jedi halving himself on the drawn weapon.

Guildmaster Cradossk, head of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, called the incident unacceptable. “We’re receiving more and more work from recognized governments within the Republic,” he said. “We need better communication and access with the Jedi Temple to give everyone a clearer line of jurisdiction.”

The Jedi Temple declined to comment.

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