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Species: Tee
Planet of Origin: Naboo


Special Abilities:
Bite: Does STR+2 damage

Move: 9
Size: 1-2 meters

Background: The tee was a large scalefish with bright-red scales native to the oceans of Naboo. Tee were known to be voracious hunters. They generally moved quite slowly but were fast swimmers when chasing prey. Outside the safer region of the Naboo Abyss, much larger specimens were known to have swallowed Gungans whole. Aside from Gungans, tee ate whatever they could catch and fit into their mouths, most often daggerts. Tee formed a symbiotic relationship with the smaller laa, which would enter the tee’s gills to clean off and eat parasitic yobshrimp that infested their bodies.

Appearances: Episode I: The Phantom Menace

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