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Species: Pau’an
Home Planet: Utapau

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Low Light Vision: Pau’ans can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.
Shadow Dwellers: Pau’ans get a +1 bonus to all skills when in a shadowed environment.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.9 meters tall on average

Background: Pau’ans were gaunt, long-limbed humanoids from Utapau. They dwelled in their planet’s sinkholes, and tamed the local varactyl for riding. Due to their long life-span, they were also known as the Ancients. The Utai, another indigenous species that lived on Utapau, along with the Pau’ans, were collectively known as the Utapauns.

The Pau’ans were a species of gaunt humanoids with gray, furrowed skin, and sunken eyes. Their arms ended in long, pentadactyl hands with an opposable thumb and sharp nails. Being carnivores with a preference for raw meat, they also had sharp, jagged teeth. In addition to those intimidating features, Pau’ans were tall—Tion Medon, a Port Administrator during the Clone Wars, stood at about 2.06 meters. Pau’ans had two stomachs. They had hypersensitive hearing, which prompted them to wear special coverings to protect their fragile ears. Their life-span was measured in centuries, which earned them the nickname of “Ancients”. The Pau’ans’ native language was Utapese, but they were also capable of speaking Galactic Basic Standard.

The Pau’ans were sentient beings, capable of intelligent thought. Although they often appeared fearsome to outsiders, most of them were peaceful and amiable. On their homeworld of Utapau, they preferred to dwell in darkness rather than light, and their cities were built within the planet’s many sinkholes. It was not always like this—Pau’ans used to live on the surface of Utapau, while only the Utai lived underground. Eventually, the Pau’ans were forced to build combined cities with the Utai, because as the decades wore on, hyperwind storms became more frequent all across the planet.

Additionally, because the Pau’ans eat raw meat over cooked meat, it is typical for creatures to be freshly slain every day for meals on Utapau, rather than being killed and then cooked or stored for later consumption. Their primary settlement and spaceport was Pau City, which was administrated by various officials including the Governor, the Police Inspector, and the Port Administrator.

They shared Utapau with at least three other species, namely the Utai, the Sugi, and the Amani. They domesticated the fast-paced varactyl to use as mounts. Like the Utai, the Pau’ans built their cities and buildings in the Ossic architectural form. The Utai were a fellow indigenous species on Utapau, with whom the Pau’ans had a symbiotic relationship. The two races were collectively referred to as Utapauns.

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