Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Vigilante Task Force Departs to Engage Separatists

EXPANSION REGION NODE – A Republic cruiser assigned to the Judicial Department has defected from the Republic to begin its own private battle against Separatist forces, Republic Judicial Terrinald Screed confirmed today.

The Scarlet Thranta, a mid-sized corvette with a crew of 150, ceased communications on a routine patrol mission near Sluissi space last week. What was first believed to be a mechanical failure was later confirmed to be mutiny from Republic service initiated by the vessel’s captain Zozridor Slayke.

“Our loyalty is only overshadowed by our frustration with the Republic’s inactivity. Those aboard this vessel are children of the Republic and freedom’s sons and daughters. We will fight to preserve this union, even if the Senate is afraid to defend itself,” said Slayke’s final transmission to the Judicial Department, which was intercepted and broadcast by news program Essence earlier this week.

“Those in our service pride ourselves on loyalty and discipline, and the private actions of Captain Slayke are uniformly condemned by our office and the Republic,” said Screed. “To the worlds of the Sluis sector, understand that whatever campaigns they initiate in your territory are wholly disapproved. We will not be dragged into war by the acts of radicals, regardless of their intentions.”

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