Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Jedi Settle Ansion Dispute

CUIPERNAM, ANSION – Despite a swath of scattered violence leading all the way into the very halls of the Unity of Community, the Mid Rim world of Ansion voted that it would remain in the Republic.

The vote was contingent on the unlikely completion of a mission by a Jedi delegation to strengthen diplomatic ties between city-dwelling Ansionians and the people of the plains. Upon the delegation’s return to Cuipernam, it was met with scattered attacks from unknown mercenaries. The Jedi nonetheless delivered word of their success to the Unity, prompting the vote.

An agitator identified as Ogomoor then stormed into the municipal hall. Before he could brandish what was thought to be a weapon, Ogomoor was shot dead by the heroic marksmanship of legitimate businessman Soerrg Vosadii Bezhin.

“Indeed, he was a past associate of mine,” Soerrg told reporters after the vote. “He was a being of pronounced and lamentable instabilities whom I hired on occasion to provide the downtrodden soul a sense of purpose and opportunity. It saddens me that his tether to sanity was so atrophied.”

The Unity then voted to accept the newly drafted Jedi concordance with a margin of 9-2. The new agreement would see strengthened diplomatic relations between the Alwari nomads and the cities of Ansion, with the Alwari sharing dominion over half of the prairie lands.

In addition to this profound development, the Jedi envoy — led by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Luminara Unduli — somehow also settled a long-standing dispute between the Borokii and the Januul clans.

The vote staved off an attempted secession by disenfranchised elements of Ansion. Through a convoluted chain of alliances, such as the Malarian Alliance and the Keitumite Mutual Military Treaty, Ansion’s secession would have also taken a number of key Mid Rim worlds.

Not all the actions of the Jedi delegation were successful. An impulsive attempt by one of the Jedi’s younger Padawan apprentices to arrest Soergg foundered upon failure to provide evidence of secessionist conspiracy.

“Our offworld friends have clearly been under enormous strain,” said the congenial Soergg.”I take no umbrage at the child’s outburst. I can only imagine the deprivations she and her companions have been forced to suffer these past weeks out on the empty prairie.”

As testament to his dedication to Ansion, Soergg is spearheading the investigation into who funded the unknown pro-secessionist mercenaries that attempted to disrupt today’s vote.

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