Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Sluis Van Offer Met with Doubt

OUTER RIM NODE – An offer from the Sluis sector capital world to help rein in the vigilante Scarlet Thranta corvette was met with skepticism from the Judicial Department.

On a pirated HoloNet frequency, Candobar Inglet, the Sluissi Khedive, said his government would be willing to assist any Judicial and Jedi ventures into what is now Separatist space. The Judicial Department has yet to accept the offer. “It is undergoing careful study at this moment, and we are not at liberty to comment,” said Judicial Terrinald Screed.

Soures tell HoloNet News that the Judiciary is suspicious of the invitation, fearing that it may be a trap. A Judicial source who wishes to remain anonymous explained that the transmission was very uncharacteristic of standard Sluissi protocols, arriving in an expedient manner and having a “language of hurriedness” uncommon in Sluissi culture.

The Scarlet Thranta, a corvette belonging the Judicial Department, defected three weeks ago to engage Separatist elements in the Sluis sector. The Republic has been struggling to maintain the tense diplomatic situation and reign in the wayward craft.

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